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AIRD-01-390K⇒He said he believed security forces would try arrest him to ensure his disqualification from elections, and alleged that there were plans to assassinate him. Khan was shot in the leg during a rally in November, in what he says was an attempt to kill him.⇎C328C153K2G5TA☠Strutting out came rapper Snoop Dogg, sitting next to Nelson as they launched into their stoner anthem, "Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die." Perhaps fittingly, each seemed to forget the words at times. The two friends looked too happy to care.✿

♖Twenty-two percent seriously contemplated attempting suicide, with one in four young women going as far as to formulate a plan on how they would carry it out.➤

♣Many of those victims' families — plus survivors, hospital leaders, race volunteers, fire fighters, police officers, government officials, neighbors and friends — will line the streets of Boston on Monday to cheer on another 30,000 runners who will take the marathon course.⇓


ºPolice haven't confirmed what prompted the attack, citing the ongoing investigation, though eyewitnesses have said a stray basketball is to blame.▤C0805X512M4JAC7800↲The concerns expressed "have been taken very seriously and as a result, effective immediately, the Kiwi Encounter will no longer be offered," the zoo added.◊M3253505E1C102JZMBTR✌"He came asking for me and they took the hit as substitutes for me," Connolly said.↑SIS415DNT-T1-GE3☁"I hope today's arrest can begin a process of healing and closure for all those touched by this tragedy," Matt Dorsey, another San Francisco supervisor, tweeted Thursday morning.▁

➛"Today the world lost a leader in the quest for justice for victims of genocide and related crimes," the museum tweeted.⇤HV1812Y332MXHARHV✐"If the state would stay out of it," he grumbled, "we could supply affordable housing."⇙


∷Filmmaker and author Kenneth Anger was a legendary Hollywood character, a visionary inheritor of an international avant-garde scene. But he also reveled in the vulgar and esoteric and essentially disappeared from the public eye for nearly a decade before his death.♨FDPC8014AS☢The app is "free from any manipulation from any government," he said.◎M39003/01-8024◇Voice over IP apps allow users to send messages or make calls over the internet without using phone lines, and they don't often require much information to sign up, disguising the caller even further. Meanwhile, the hoax caller doesn't make any demands.↮SPP17N80C3XKSA1⏎Thirty years ago, Blue Mountain Clinic Director Willa Craig stood in front of the sagging roof and broken windows of an abortion clinic that an arsonist had burned down early that morning in Missoula, Montana.◀

↘Out of all the household debt in the U.S., mortgages account for the biggest chunk, but credit card debt is the most common, approaching $1 trillion. Although modern credit cards are just about 50 years old, 84% of U.S. adults had at least one by 2021.➘2225J4K00180KCR♧Eventually, she is pictured lounging on the ground where she initially stood, eyes tightly closed, fingers reaching into strands of grass that carry her, through touch, far back into her past. "I can't recall much from when I was little," the text states.▇

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