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0603Y2003P90BQT▭The former student leader of the 2014 protests was not a leader of the 2019 protests, but his continued activism and high profile made him a target of the authorities. The jailing and silencing of activists like Wong have damaged faith in the future of Hong Kong, with many young professionals responding to the shrinking freedoms and autonomy by moving abroad.♡STW20N60M2-EP✍We are going to take a quick break.  When we come back, we will discuss the important presentation to the United Nations by Secretary of State Colin Powell.⇇

♠Scandals involving Johnson's turbulent time in office continue to plague the UK's ruling Conservative Party and British institutions. And this one comes at a time when many media outlets – especially those that receive public funding, as the British Broadcasting Corporation does – are struggling to prove their editorial independence at a time of heightened political disinformation.○


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M39003/03-3081/HSD▶Ford's popularity plummeted after the pardon and he lost his bid for a term in the White House in his own right in 1976. There has never been any proof that Ford agreed to the pardon before Nixon's resignation.の1206J2K00471MXR♥Fox says this means drugmakers can hopefully get the forecast right for next year and make enough. And luckily, similar to other respiratory illnesses, strep usually peaks between December and April, so it could be the tail end of this year's season.☂

♨Bannon was accused of taking more than $1 million through a separate nonprofit, then secretly paying some of it back to Kolfage.♨


✍On the same trip, researchers collected two snailfish from traps in the Japan Trench at a depth of 8,022 meters, which they believe to be the only fish caught deeper than eight kilometers.⇙MLG0402Q3N6BT000↔Nebraska's legislature is considering legislation that would nudge more school districts to sign up for the community eligibility program, to maximize the amount of federal funding schools receive.↱TN2907A➺A version of the account is back up but provides tracking information on Musk's jet with a 24-hour delay. The page following DeSantis's jet is also delayed by one day.▇2220Y1K00563KXT✁"The words and inaction was inexcusable, and we believe there is never a place for it," the team said. "We always strive for an environment that is inclusive and anti-racist."⇄

☼That made this case especially messy because it's already been heard at the U.S. Supreme Court, as Moore v. Harper. The court now may end up throwing out the case.▄2DC4617Q-7-F◎WOOD: There was no evidence that Saddam Hussein or Iraq had a link to 911.▢


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