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▏The Affordable Care Act may be struggling with its own success.❤


♣Davis said the actions made by individuals with no relationship to Fox – or what he called "third parties' looniness" – could unfairly prejudice the jury against Fox. While jurors could hear about the mere existence of threats, Dominion attorneys could not discuss the fine details of them, the judge said.↑2220J1000561JCR▫Authorities describe him as 6 feet, 2 inches tall with black hair and brown eyes, weighing about 225 pounds, according to member station WFAE.☭GQM1555C2D7R4BB01D◄More than 9.5 million adults ages 50 and older rely on food stamps, according to the 2022 AARP Research Survey.☻1808J2000823JDT☞NASA associate administrator Robert D. Cabana said after the Orion splashed down safely in December that the spacecraft performed "flawlessly" despite a few minor glitches. Officials had scuttled the scheduled launch of Artemis I several times over technical problems, including a hydrogen leak, as well as severe weather.☀

☭Like Berger, Moore accused Cooper of spreading misinformation about the bill "to frighten voters" and predicted a swift override in his chamber.☆GA0805H332JXABP31G▌Moon Bin's management agency, Fantagio, confirmed his death in a statement, saying that he "suddenly left us and became a star in the sky" and that fellow artists and company staff were mourning him with "very deep sadness and shock."▯


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2225J2500820GCR⊠In Mehlville, the school district is serving about as many meals as it did before the pandemic, but the number of students who qualify for free and reduced price meals has dropped from 30% to 26%, said Katie Gegg, director of school food and nutrition services in the district.↴T95C107K016ESAS▧"To preserve peace, we must be strong," Tsai said, paraphrasing the late U.S. President Ronald Reagan's policy of "peace through strength."✍


⇥The Florida Department of Education announced Tuesday that it had approved 66 of 101 submissions for new social studies textbooks — some of which only got through after publishers made revisions requested by the state.⇑C0805C911J4HACAUTO☣"This is a significant crack in the stained glass ceiling, and the result of sustained advocacy, activism and the witness" of a campaign of Catholic women's groups demanding the right to vote, said Kate McElwee of the Women's Ordination Conference, which advocates for women priests.ⓞCDR01BX331BKUR\M250ºSandy Senn believes that legislators cannot tell a woman what is best for her own life.【2225Y1000390KFR☟(Assisted reproductive technologies have greatly expanded how ovulation and fertilization can happen so that many more people can have babies. What we're describing here is what happens when that assistance isn't needed.)↻

Google will delete accounts older than two years to help avoid security risks, the company announced Tuesday.➣NTD5N50T4❁Ravish, 48, had been with NDTV for 26 years. At the time of his resignation, he was senior executive editor at the news outlet, known for its fierce and critical coverage of government policies and citizens' voices.⇞


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0805J1504P30CQT↓The liar's dividend is a term coined by law professors Bobby Chesney and Danielle Citron in a 2018 paper laying out the challenges deepfakes present to privacy, democracy, and national security.↫VJ0402A100JXQPW1BC↜Using the opioid epidemic as a backdrop at the time, Trump compared penalties for drug dealers and murderers. He claimed some drug dealers will kill thousands of people in their lifetime and that, if caught, they face light sentences: 30 days in jail, "they'll go away for a year," he told his supporters, "or they'll be fined."↪

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