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¤Ten Planets' stories are linked occasionally and loosely, often by language. (In her afterword, Dillman writes of consciously choosing to string the word iota, one of the many potential translations of the Spanish ápice, through the text.) Many involve voyages to space; in one of the best, "The Martian," an earthling stranded on an alien planet is moved to "astonishment, intense sorrow, and then uncontainable joy" on encountering a dog. In others, elements of real life — dementia; smartphones — twist into science fiction or grow magical, as in "House Taken Over," in which a house learns "how to determine what was important," then forces its inhabitants to live by its moral code. Reading Ten Planets is something like living in that sentient house: More than any of Herrera's other work, it requires not only suspension of disbelief but surrender of control. Both are challenging; both are worth it. Nobody writes like Yuri Herrera, and it would be a shame not to travel with him as far as his imagination can go.◢

↕For one, ticks, especially if they're in the nymph stage, can be really hard to see. They can be the size of a poppy seed or as tiny as a period on a computer screen.▭


Many of his titles, including the debut novel he wrote while working as an editorial assistant at The Times Literary Supplement, 1973's The Rachel Papers, were adapted for the screen. The film version of his 2014 novel The Zone of Interest premiered only Friday at the Cannes Film Festival to rave reviews.▃2510R-66H¤"All of those deceased people are friends of mine," he said. "They were people who served on the condo board with me."↞1206J6300220FAR▬"I will lead a revolution for excellence in our schools. Less C-R-T and more ABCs," adding a pitch for school choice for parents. "No child and no child should be forced to attend failing schools simply because they live in the wrong zip code."↕VS-10ETF06S-M3▤More than three years of social disruption, at least 6 million hospitalizations, and 1.1 million U.S. deaths later, that declaration is due to expire this Thursday. Some, including Republicans in Congress who pushed the Biden administration to end the declaration, say it's about time. Others remain concerned about the virus and worry that the end of the declaration could mean relaxing measures that allow the virus to create new disruptions.☂

♦There were also goodbyes from the other late night hosts. Seth Meyers, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert and David Letterman all appeared in a pre-taped segment with Corden. They joked that since Corden was ending his show, they could each call dibs on one of his segments.⇤BSM10GP120B9BOSA1⇂She told the Montgomery Advertiser that her grandson would have graduated from high school in a few weeks and was planning to attend Jacksonville State on a football scholarship.◑


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FDV045P20L◇During the Knight Tech fellowship, Ardern will "study ways to improve content standards and platform accountability for extremist content online, and examine artificial intelligence governance and algorithmic harms," Harvard said.◣M39006/22-0346H▩The platform's biggest and final offer was a new "deposit funds" feature, with which users were told they could earn as much as five times the value of their existing investment in just five days. Abd El-Barr was skeptical again, but as it had worked thus far, he went ahead and took the risk, throwing all of his savings into the app.✒

⇊Dashcam video from another driver in the outlet mall parking lot shared on social media shows the shooter exiting a gray car from the driver's side and beginning to open fire on passing shoppers. NPR has not independently verified the video.➡


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