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0402R-43NJ"Texas has one of the strongest 'Stand Your Ground' laws of self-defense that cannot be nullified by a jury or a progressive District Attorney," Abbott said.↤5500-684K◎Born generations apart in vastly different worldly circumstances, Donald J. Trump and William Jennings Bryan would appear to have little in common beyond their middle initial.▽

♗The garage caved in around 4 p.m., a few blocks from City Hall and the Brooklyn Bridge, and about half a mile (0.8 km) from the New York Stock Exchange. Pace evacuated an adjacent dorm and classroom building, and canceled all evening classes as it assessed the buildings' safety. School officials sent the displaced students to a student center while working out other accommodations.ღ


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4470-45F↿There's also a book about the case: When the Moon Turns to Blood, by Portland, Oregon-based journalist Leah Sottile, who says Lori Vallow went from being a "suburban mom in yoga pants" to someone caught up in an extreme subculture.✿IXTA380N036T4-7-TR▩Allen Premium Outlets, part of the Simon Property Group that owns outdoor malls and other commercial properties, said the company's thoughts and prayers were with the victims and others impacted by the shooting.♀

◘"We are fully at your side,″ Mattarella told Zelenskyy as he welcomed him. Later, after their meeting, presidential palace sources said Mattarella assured his guest that Italy would continue supporting Ukraine militarily and financially, as well as with reconstruction and humanitarian aid, in both the short and long term.☼


╬National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said a meeting between Biden and Zelenskyy during the G-7 summit is "a safe bet." But responding to earlier reports that the Ukrainian leader would travel on a U.S. military plane, Sullivan said that the U.S. is "not the party, the country that flew him here."➯2SC5060TV2M✿"It can get as close as five meters," he said. "We're literally tossing grenades at each other."◎C0402C829D4HACAUTO▓Last year, Kaepernick launched the Autopsy Initiative, offered through his Know Your Rights Camp organization, to offer free, secondary autopsies to family members of anyone whose death is "police-related."▎SQCB1A511FAT1A♦The people of South Korea will "feel that they are sharing nuclear weapons with the United States," enthused South Korean deputy national security adviser Kim Tae-hyo.⇙

❒Just last Tuesday, a bronze bowl, or krater, more than two thousand years old, stolen from a tomb in Macedonia, was handed to Greece's culture minister.↣VJ0805V154MXJPW1BC❧Earthquakes head coach Luchi Gonzalez said after the match that he urged Red Bulls head coach Gerhard Struber to remove the player who allegedly made the racist remark from the field.⇋

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