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↕"Our children know everything," she explains, as she sits on the couch in an apartment her family borrows from friends. Her son, Sofiia's former classmate, Bohdan, sits next to her. She begins to quiz him.▶

⇓On the power of musical layers:⇗

↯A climate change-driven megadrought and an ever-growing human thirst have continued to drain the two largest reservoirs in the U.S. — Lake Powell and Lake Mead, which the Colorado River feeds. Lake Chad, one of Africa's largest freshwater lakes which supplies nearly 40 million people with water, has shrunk by an estimated 90% since the 1960s.▲


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CDR33BP332AFWSAJ↝The experience of writing it down wasn't as harrowing as it could have been. I had to repeat the story multiple times to different therapists [throughout my life]. Writing it was like, yeah, this happened. And now that it's out in the world, it's like, c'est la vie.☄2220Y3K00181GCR☺Note: Molecular biologist and author Jeff Stewart has worked more than 15 years as a consultant to drugmakers, scrutinizing data on new treatments to fight cancer. Last July, the 50-year-old father of seven was diagnosed with stomach cancer himself. He spent much of the next 10 months in treatment, while also writing the newly published Living: Inspiration from a Father with Cancer.⇡

◁"I didn't talk to myself out loud, but I had internal conversations and got on very well with myself," she added.ˍ


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