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■Cox’s family is still grappling with his death, said Justine Grant, who shared a child with Cox. She told the court their daughter says at times that “she wants to die so she can be with Dad,” Grant said through tears.¤

■A review of Albuquerque Police Department shootings between 2018 and 2022 showed that deadly force was used when attempting to apprehend violent suspects, when citizens were experiencing a mental health episode, or when people were acting badly while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the city's police chief said in November.⚘


✄The increase is already becoming evident to cockpit and cabin crews, passengers and even aircraft manufacturers. In the last few weeks alone, news reports have chronicled a number of stories far worse than the one Weisse tells.☟VJ9097Y123MFAAM34¤Matt Dorsey, a San Francisco supervisor, thanked Newsom on Twitter for providing the city "much-needed state resources to disrupt, dismantle and deter brazen open-air drug markets."↻1812J0100474JXR♞"We're here to express a certain kind of rebellion against everything that currently surrounds us, but primarily the violence that occurred in the last ... days, and that is all around us in the past years," Belgrade resident Nevena Matic said.⇂C1210C393F4JACAUTO✿Baldwin has said the gun went off accidentally and that he did not pull the trigger. An FBI forensic report found the weapon could not have fired unless the trigger was pulled.↘

✉The entertainment world is bidding farewell to MTV News. The network's heyday ended years ago but, for a time, it was the go-to source for interviews with leading artists and newsmakers, from Madonna to Prince.⇈0805J5000271KXTºColorado has the sixth-highest suicide rate in the country, with nearly 1,400 in 2021, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A RAND Corporation analysis of four studies found that waiting periods are linked to lower suicide-by-gun deaths.⊞

❧In November, an apartment fire in Urumqi, the capital city of China's western Xinjiang region, killed 10 people and sparked rare protests across the country. Many protesters blamed the government's stringent COVID-19 controls for the tragedy.◨

➮Every year during the rainy season, roads, houses, schools, shops, and other buildings — along with people — are swept away or buried by landslides in the country, which has been plagued by anarchic urbanization and a lack of infrastructure maintenance.☢

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