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2225J0500122KCR⊙The Malaysian police's investigation ruled out the human trafficking theory.☆RB055L-40TE25❤Goodman died Saturday peacefully and surrounded by family at a hospice in Kent, England, his agent Jackie Gill told the BBC. Goodman is survived by his wife, son and two grandchildren.♕


▥Alexis Dowdell told The Associated Press on Monday said her brother pushed her down onto a blood-slick floor during the shooting. "I guess he tried to push me out the door as fast as he could." She and her mother, LaTonya Allen, ran away, but returned to find Phil Dowdell bleeding to death and fading in and out of consciousness.➺SMZG3795BHE3/52✌Becky's lawyers contended that no emergency exists requiring the Supreme Court to intervene in this case before the Court of Appeals rules.۰VJ1206A562GXQCW1BC▒"I plan on being that 80 year old guy talking about what it was like in the 2020s and COVID 19 and telling some young whippersnapper lawyer about how we did it back when," he said.▣VJ0805D620KXXAC▂Beyond Iraq and WMD and Iraq and terrorism, there was one other important analysis done prior to the war, this time about what post-war Iraq might look like.✍

⇑"I just swore him in," Gwinn-Villaroel said during a press conference. "His family was there to witness his journey to become a police officer."★VJ1206A471MXBAT➭The next day, Jan. 6, Barnett attended the Stop the Steal rally headlined by President Donald Trump, then walked to the Capitol, filming himself pursuing and harassing police officers, prosecutors said. Barnett entered through the east side and later claimed that he was forced inside by the mob there. Prosecutors noted that video showed Barnett maneuvered his way into the center of the crowd, made no attempt to leave the throng of people, and “when the opportunity presented itself, he entered the Capitol,” Assistant U.S. Attorneys Alison B. Prout and Michael M. Gordon wrote.➚


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1812J0500180FFRΘZephyr's attorneys hoped to get a ruling as quickly as possible on their request for a temporary restraining order against Regier and Murfitt. One of the most important pieces of the Legislature's work, finalizing a budget for the next two years, is unfinished.♪SMZ13Want more on personal finance? Listen to Consider This on how to build your own recession toolkit.△

☀"I immediately went to the zoo director and I said, 'We have offended a nation. This is something that has to stop immediately,'" Magill said.❀


↪The center of Cyclone Mocha made landfall Sunday afternoon in Myanmar's Rakhine state near Sittwe township wind speeds up to 209 kilometers (130 miles) per hour, Myanmar's Meteorological Department said.☺1825Y2000181KCT▣Galloway's video ends as he enters the lobby, which is riddled with broken glass.۰100-151J♈It wasn't always this way, locals tell NPR. The area once hummed with manufacturing companies, restaurants and other amenities. There were plenty of good jobs to go around.▦0603Y0100152GCT⇁The man had been asleep in his room at the Revere Hotel when agents began banging on his door and demanding to be let in, according to WBZ-TV. It says the agents handcuffed the man, put him in the shower and interrogated him for more than 45 minutes before they realized their mistake, uncuffed him and apologized.▌

▔Hong Hyun-ik, a senior research fellow at the Sejong Institute, a think tank outside Seoul, suggested in an interview with Korean public broadcaster KBS that self-interested U.S. behavior on economic issues has worrying implications for the alliance as a whole, including U.S. security guarantees.☣C320C681J3G5TA7301♝In a statement to NPR, the NFL said it does not tolerate discrimination in any form and would fully cooperate with the investigation. However, the league called the allegations "entirely inconsistent with the NFL's values and practices."✑

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