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▣The climbers began their trek Saturday, according to IMG's posts.◙CCR06CG472GS☻Hakuto and the Israeli spacecraft named Beresheet were finalists in the Google Lunar X Prize competition requiring a successful landing on the moon by 2018. The $20 million grand prize went unclaimed.➵NZX11A,133▪The defense minister insisted that Khan's supporters and advisers were being treated fairly. He said he did not favor negotiations with Khan to end the crisis.❈0805Y1000122JXR⇑-- Every summer, Thomas has now acknowledged, he spends about a week at Camp Topridge, Crow's private resort in the Adirondacks. There he hobnobs not just with Crow and his wife, but Crow's other friends, big corporate leaders, and conservative activists and influencers.➧

▬"El Niño and La Niña events occur every two to seven years, on average, but they don't occur on a regular schedule," the NOAA says. In addition to the two patterns, ocean temperatures are sometimes considered "neutral," meaning they're not abnormally warm or cold.↙1812AA221JAT1A❒Tettey also acknowledges one potential drawback. After motivating a young person to make changes to improve their health, she says they might think, "'OK, I just learned in hip-hop ed that I should eat more fruits and vegetables, but I can't find that where I live.' Or, 'I've been told I need to exercise more, but perhaps I'm not comfortable walking outside where I live.'"↘


⇓Federal law enforcement agents tested cheesecake residue in the empty dessert container as well as the pills found on the floor near Tsvyk.↕C0402C102M4RACTU↧Simi Valley, California — House Speaker Kevin McCarthy hosted a meeting with Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-Wen and a bipartisan group of lawmakers in California on Wednesday in a high-stakes show of support that drew condemnation from China before it even began.▧0805J0100471GCR▒Broadly speaking, she says, media organizations want to sidestep any chance for a judge or appellate court to revisit the very high standard of proving "actual malice," established in a landmark 1964 ruling in a case involving The New York Times. The law currently favors news organizations. Yet several U.S. Supreme Court Justices have expressed an interest in altering or reforming that standard.◙C320C224M5U5CA↘But after beginning a personal meditation practice, Griffiths started asking different questions – inquiries that felt out of place in the world of science. Questions like, is there a god? Do we have a soul? And, can we use our minds to somehow alleviate our physical suffering?█

➤Trees were uprooted and homes turned into piles of splinters. One building was flipped on its side. Drone footage showed emergency crews peering into the wreckage with flashlights.⇟06033D154KAT2A⇍Holmes' lawyers asked the judge for home confinement and community service and no more than a year in a half in prison, citing her toddler and now newborn child who need care.▪


✪Milwaukee County Judge Janet Protasiewicz won the hotly contested race for the Wisconsin Supreme Court, according to a race call by The Associated Press, defeating former state Supreme Court Justice Dan Kelly. Spending in the campaign shattered the previous national record for a state supreme court election.①08055A182KAT2A♜Israeli police said the gunman was shot and killed, and large police force was at the scene.✄2220J2K00221MXT▒Some sections of a border barrier were built by We Build the Wall on private lands, but the nonprofit is now defunct.♪2225J2K50822JXR▪"But this is surely a setback in those ambitions," Byrne said.↵

❀Significant gains for Iranian influence, as predicted by Emile and his analysts before the invasion.↰2KBP04ML-6212E4/72⇟Thousands of people like Jordan are released from prisons and jails every year with conditions such as cancer, heart disease, and infectious diseases they developed while incarcerated. The issue hits hard in Alabama, Louisiana, and other Southeastern states, which have some of the highest incarceration rates in the nation.☢


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1206J2500621GQT♦The 'ndrangheta has been firmly established in Germany since the 1970s. It is considered the strongest of the Italian organized crime groups in the country, and is mainly focused on international narcotics trafficking, according to the German Federal Office of Criminal Investigation.☀0505J0631P30DQT◘President Biden has condemned Gershkovich's detention and spoke to his parents last week.✍

★Allen Premium Outlets, part of the Simon Property Group that owns outdoor malls and other commercial properties, said the company's thoughts and prayers were with the victims and others impacted by the shooting.➺


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