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2225Y2500334JXT↱Shareholders did not get to vote on the deal after the government passed an emergency ordinance to bypass the step. Some came to the annual meeting hear managers explain what went wrong.⇖2N6427RLRA⇘House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and President Biden met at the White House to continue talks about the debt limit, and though it ended with no deal, they expressed optimism Monday they can strike an agreement and avoid an unprecedented default.❤

❄The National Institutes of Health wants to learn more about these individual responses through a Nutrition for Precision Health study, and this week researchers began enrolling participants to take part in the study at 14 sites across the U.S.☭

╬Pres. BUSH: Saddam Hussein must disarm himself or, for the sake of peace, we will lead a coalition to disarm him.↠

⇅NYPD deputy commissioner Julian Phillips said in a statement that police assisted the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's private security team Tuesday evening.▬

ぃThe former student leader of the 2014 protests was not a leader of the 2019 protests, but his continued activism and high profile made him a target of the authorities. The jailing and silencing of activists like Wong have damaged faith in the future of Hong Kong, with many young professionals responding to the shrinking freedoms and autonomy by moving abroad.◇

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