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↓For Americans who remember the Vietnam War era vividly, the idea of leaking government information instantly conjures the name of Daniel Ellsberg, who disclosed the "Pentagon Papers" in 1971. He has been credited with hastening the end of that war and contributing, if indirectly, to the eventual downfall of a president.▢

ΘThe cuts announced in October — of some 2 million barrels a day — had come on the eve of U.S. midterm elections in which soaring prices were a major issue. President Joe Biden vowed at the time that there would be "consequences" and Democratic lawmakers called for freezing cooperation with the Saudis.←

▪Diego Maradona, Lionel Messi and Paul Pogba are previous winners of the official player of the tournament award, and Erling Haaland was the top scorer at the 2019 edition.™

◦"They were very sincere; they weren't trying to be mean," Statton, 25, says. "They said, 'The best we can tell you to do is sit in the parking lot, and if anything else happens, we will be ready to help you. But we cannot touch you unless you are crashing in front of us or your blood pressure goes so high that you are fixing to have a heart attack.'"◘

⊠Over a career spanning more than 40 years, Amis became one of the world's leading literary celebrities, known best for novels including Money, The Information and London Fields that came to define British life in the late 20th century. He published 15 novels as well as a memoir, short stories, screenplays and works of nonfiction.◫


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