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2220J2000224JDT↔"The federal government is spending a lot of money on opioids," says Pierce, the former HHS spokesperson. "If they want, they could try and tie that money to requirements that settlement money be spent on opioids."◆VJ0603D430MLXAC✐"I didn't have any money coming in. I would just, I guess, sell everything and just hope I have enough to feed the dogs. Maybe get two bags of dog food — one for them, one for me," he said with a dark laugh.↑


◧The gunmen "murdered two of the Police Mobile Force operatives and two staff of the consulate," Tochukwu said, before setting their vehicle "ablaze."«CKC21X153GDGAC7800♗Ahead of Zelenskyy's arrival in late afternoon, police moved tourists to one side of St. Peter's Square so the Ukrainian president's motorcade could speed across the vast cobblestone space.❤CWR11FH336KC\TR25↱While filibustering, Sen. Senn said the issue was about control.◦VJ0402G683MXQCW1BC⇏But none of the officers shift to an active-shooter response. At 11:40 a.m. — four minutes after the officers are injured — Coronado radioed that the suspect was barricaded, according to a review of body-camera footage and available audio.♥

❒The National Security Council on Thursday released its own, incomplete summary sharing its perspective on the withdrawal, but the document didn't pinpoint or dig into specific failures. Kirby said the NSC's "document and this effort isn't about accountability today — it's about understanding." Kirby said the president has been "fully briefed" on both the Pentagon and State reports, and "had input" on the NSC paper.→C1206C689C5HAC7800☞"After John Pope regained consciousness, for more than fifteen minutes, Chauvin kept John Pope in a prone position, handcuffed, while Chauvin kneeled on John Pope's neck and upper back," the city said.☂


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GRM21BR71H563JA01LぃState Sen. Stephen Goldfinch, a Republican attorney preparing to deploy on June 15 for six months with the South Carolina National Guard to Djibouti, voted for the ban and said that he found the exemptions to the ban made it “palatable” and that he believes the new ban will withstand legal challenges.◥SPM5030T-1R0MT☾The account, which has over 3 million followers, posts highlight reels of Para athletes: world-class competitors with impairments that fall into 10 categories including limb deficiency, impaired muscle power and vision impairment.▪

☎More legal steps followed, including a majority vote by the full appeals court not to reconsider. But significantly, Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi — who by then had become House speaker — never joined the lawsuit. As one Democratic source put it, "No party leader wants to allow a fringe group to subpoena documents without the support of the leadership as a whole."◄

☽Previous iterations of Comedian have sold for $120,000 — including one in 2019 that was promptly eaten by another artist at Art Basel in Miami Beach. Like Noh, that art-eater quickly proclaimed his consumption to be a work of art in itself.♕

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