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S1210-563G∴Looking back, Reynolds realizes that her mother was in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease: "By the time we caught on, it was too late."⇚RS2K R5G↨Ukraine has argued it needs more weapons as it anticipates Russia's forces launching a new offensive in the spring.▉


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2225Y1K20561KCT♚"They provide really important insights to what we've seen in our research over the decade — that Hispanics continued to find great difficulty with answering the separate questions on ethnicity and on race," Nicholas Jones, director of race and ethnic research and outreach in the bureau's Population Division, says about the data, the release of which the bureau moved up to help inform discussions about OMB's standards.↘CWR09JK156KM☎"This is an exciting opportunity for the Rural Utility Service to work collaboratively with our great partners, the Rural Electric cooperatives, in order to advance a clean energy future for rural America," Vilsack said. "So this is an exciting and an historic day, and it continues an ongoing effort to ensure that rural America is a full participant in this clean energy economy."ⓞ


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TAP685M010SRS▪Social media accounts associated with Sweetgreen appeared to acknowledge customers' close association between the two companies. In response to a comment on Instagram saying "Chipotle who?!" to Sweetgreen's announcement of the new menu item, the restaurant said, "you said it, not us," and included an emoji meant to indicate "zipped lips," the lawsuit alleges.¤GRM31MR71C684JA01K◘"My family — my mother, my siblings and my nephews — are on the road from Sudan to Cairo through Aswan," prominent Sudanese filmmaker Amjad Abual-Ala wrote on Facebook.☆

【The same Huffington Post that made an early political bet on Obama was co-founded by right-wing media personality Andrew Breitbart. People like Breitbart, Steve Bannon, and alt-right columnist Benny Johnson, once dismissed as minor characters, became key players in the rise of digital media. As Smith writes, when Arianna Huffington was building The Huffington Post as a liberal counterpart to The Drudge Report, she wanted to bring on someone who held the key to the conservative news aggregation website's booming traffic. There was no one more fitting than Breitbart, who, at the time, was silently running The Drudge Report. With one hand in the early beginnings of The Huffington Post and another in The Drudge Report, Breitbart went on to found conservative site Breitbart News, which, during its inception, Smith described as "a kind of funhouse mirror to Gawker Media."◘

☻"We will absolutely win the second round ... and bring democracy" said Kilicdaroglu, 74, maintaining that Erdogan had lost the trust of a nation now demanding change.◥


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