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SF5407-TR⇐The new Irish labeling rules, which will take effect in three years, will be more explicit about the possible negative health effects of drinking and contain more information about what's in the drink.▧1N5918BPE3/TR12♥A letter sent by the attorneys general of 17 states and the District of Columbia to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on Thursday urges the federal government to intercede to prevent a national problem they say is continuing to accelerate.⊟

☣Earlier last year, the CPSC approved its own mandatory standard for dressers and other similar furniture. The American Home Furnishings Alliance tried to have the rule vacated by a court, arguing that it was too broad.◐

♗A trusted contact is similar to an emergency contact listed for health care providers. They're notified by a financial institution in the case of concerning activity on a client's account and then receive a basic explanation of the situation. Ron Long, a former director of elder client initiatives at Wells Fargo, gives this example: "It appears [the client] has fallen in love with someone in Belarus, and it appears to be a person who is taking advantage or exploiting."☪


◘The National Weather Service confirmed Sunday that a tornado was responsible for damage to several homes near Bridgeville, Delaware. One person was found dead inside a house heavily damaged by the storm Saturday night, Delaware State Police reported.▪CDR32BP100BKUP\M250▶The Department of Agriculture said in a press release that the goal of this program is provide affordable clean energy to vulnerable, disadvantaged and Indigenous communities. But there is tension between building a clean energy infrastructure for all and mining the materials needed for that infrastructure.♦150D155X9020A2G☏Cadwallader Staub now lives in South Burlington, Vermont. She's a poet, and enjoys spending time with her grandson, also named Warren. Now, 20 years later, she still remembers her unsung hero.큐VJ0603Y182KXAPW1BC→Five days after Floyd was killed by former police officer Derek Chauvin in May 2020, Minneapolis police SWAT team officers set out in an unmarked white van, ostensibly to enforce a curfew. Led by Sgt. Andrew Bittell, Stetson and other officers fired 40 mm "less-lethal" foam-tipped rounds at people out of the van's open side door without warning, Minnesota Public Radio has reported.㊣

⇄She says lower-income residents often can't or don't choose the kinds of healthy meals that would help them control their diabetes.▤C901U220JZSDAAWL45♢While Hume successfully sued the South African government in 2017 to reverse a decades-old moratorium on the domestic sale of rhino horns, the overall effort proved to be less lucrative than he'd projected.⇕

⇃China called for a cease-fire and peace talks between Russia and Ukraine in a position paper released on the first anniversary of Russia's invasion on Feb. 24.→

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