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۰Israeli authorities and Tunisian authorities and the family identified the civilian victims as cousins: Aviel Haddad, 30, who held dual Tunisian and Israeli citizenship, and Benjamin Haddad, 42, who was French.▇


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GBL01/1♦ ◢NJVMJD112G〓Loewinsohn's inspired book is less a reckoning, more a kind of love letter — if a convoluted one — to this mother. Addressed as "you" throughout, she is remembered as an essential, looming figure, the one who transmitted to her daughter an enduring love for the outdoors and nature, for gardening and planting. Divided into three sections, "Dirt," "Leaf," and "Light," the grown-up daughter is now skilled at the only occupation that seemed to animate her troubled loved one. As a child she was unintentionally taught to wait, and wait, for a presence (her mother) that might reappear at any moment, then disappear again without warning. In this way, Ephemera discloses how even something that is learned with oppressive difficultly at an early age can hold value in other contexts later on. Patience, staying, careful attention: These are a gardener's most effective tools.♢


◥Scientists working off the coast of Japan say they've managed to capture images of the deepest-swimming fish ever caught on camera.⇜UP050RH3R9K-B-B✲Despite ideal conditions for the storm to remain intense, a reorganization of the storm’s eyewall kept it from reaching its full potential as it approached Guam, resulting in somewhat lower winds than feared.◑S0603-5N6F2S⇨Since the Taliban stormed back to power in Afghanistan in August 2021, the local branch of the ISIS terror group, known as ISIS-K or ISIS Khorasan, has conducted some of the deadliest attacks in the country — often targeting the Taliban's security forces and supporters.☠C0805C680G5HAC7800➞So far, so good.❧

✣He's in the midst of a multi-nation visit to the region.◆VJ1206A100KXCAT↑"I disagree wholeheartedly with the Supreme Court decision," she said, referring to last summer's Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization ruling that overturned decades of abortion-rights precedent. "But at the same time, we need to make sure that over-the-counter birth control is available."▉


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2225J1K00681JDT⇃When Lempert drilled down further, his research also found that as women climb higher in the ranks it can get worse: Overweight female executives in the top echelons can see as much as a 16% wage penalty.☜VJ0402D0R9DXXAP☚But the show prioritized nostalgia overall as performances merged rock, blues and country straight from the heart of Texas, mixing in tributes and covers alongside newer artists and fan-favorite hit songs.✒


»The commander-in-chief of Ukraine's armed forces, Valery Zaluzhny, said Ukraine managed to shoot down 21 incoming cruise missiles out of a total of 23, with the remaining two hitting Uman and Dnipro.♭AU01ZC151KA72A❀Chris☻CCR09CG222FP☻Aurora's family, her three brothers and her parents, Maryna and Alex, had vacationed in Valencia, a coastal city in Spain, during previous summers. Before the war, Alex worked in Kharkiv's booming tech sector and had a few contacts in Spain. When Russia invaded, they packed up their car and decided this was where they'd head. Like many Ukrainian refugees, they've been granted temporary protection to live in Europe.♂C321C680J3G5TA£Erdogan, along with the United Nations, helped mediate a deal with Ukraine and Russia that allowed Ukrainian grain to reach the rest of the world from Black Sea ports despite Russia's war in Ukraine. The agreement, which is implemented by a center based in Istanbul, is set to expire in days, and Turkey hosted talks last week to keep it alive.★

✡Three additional passengers traveling in the golf cart, including the groom, were taken to a local hospital for treatment of their injuries. The groom, Aric Hutchinson, remains in a local hospital in critical condition.↔BYG10KHE3_A/H➹“We are waking up to a rather disturbing scene across Guam. What used to be jungle, looks like toothpicks. It looks like a scene from the movie ‘Twister,’ with trees just thrashed apart,” warning coordination meteorologist Landon Aydlett said. “Most of Guam is dealing with a major mess that’s going to take weeks to clean up.”♘


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