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SMS7630-005LFAny move to change committee assignments would need 60 votes to pass and Democrats are operating with a slim 51-49 majority.✍BLS2731-110,114♕But a make-birth-free policy seems unlikely to advance very far or very quickly in a year when the same Republican lawmakers who support a national abortion ban are even more vehemently pushing for large federal budget cuts in the debt ceiling fight.⇌


✲Louisiana State University's Tigers bested University of Iowa's Hawkeyes 102-85 to win their first national basketball title in school history. Despite yet another stellar performance from Iowa guard Caitlin Clark, the Hawkeyes' late comeback run couldn't match LSU's offensive stride.♦MS2267↶"He's a serious jurist, smart and even tempered," Manhattan defense attorney Ron Kuby told NBC News. "He's not one of those judges who yells at lawyers, and is characterized as a no-nonsense judge. But he's always in control of the courtroom."↤CKR22CH100JS➻In a break from the English language class she's been taking at an Upper West Side synagogue, Yana Lande said she considers herself very lucky.↘C1206C391M1HAC7800↢Other penitents walked barefoot through village streets and beat their bare backs with sharp bamboo sticks and pieces of wood. Some participants in the past opened cuts in the penitents' backs using broken glass to ensure the ritual was sufficiently bloody.↳

↯"Allowing migrants to register for an exemption to Title 42 is a more humane alternative than leaving them vulnerable to misinformation from smugglers," Flores told CBS News. "This type of innovation in border processing is the future of orderly migration at the southern border."☟ASPI-0403H-8R2K-T☆Kirby and the NSC report said lessons learned in Afghanistan have been applied in countries like Ethiopia and Ukraine.♪

◈"This is the first time that it really seems likely that the former president of the United States will be having a mugshot, being fingerprinted," presidential historian Douglas Brinkley told NPR's Morning Edition. With Trump also facing a handful of other ongoing criminal cases, "we're in for a very rocky spring," Brinkley said.⇡

▉WWE had more than 7.5 billion digital and social media views in January and February of this year, up 15% from the same time frame a year ago.♡

✚The next total solar eclipse visible from the U.S. will occur just shy of one year from now on April 8, 2024.⇊

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