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❃Facebook and social media played a huge role in the aftermath of the hoax call in Canyon Ridge, but it wasn't an isolated incident. Doing analysis and research on official law enforcement and local news Facebook posts made during the time of other hoax shooting calls across the country, some of the exact same commenters surfaced in those incidents as well, posting sketchy looking links and videos.▀T491C336M016AT42807333➬City supervisors will hold a second and final vote next Tuesday. Mayor London Breed is expected to sign the measure.큐0603Y0160223MXR↽"WHO now sees COVID-19 as a threat in our regular repertoire of things-trying-to-kill-us," says epidemiologist Katelyn Jetelina. a health policy epidemiologist with the Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute in Dallas, who writes the blog Your Local Epidemiologist. And the truth is that the world now has better tools and treatments for COVID than for some age-old diseases: from the readily available self-tests to vaccines and boosters to the paxlovid pill to lessen severity for higher-risk patients.⇑GBPC3508 T0G█One temporary shelter in Houston, run by the Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, said that only about 15% of the 3,000 migrants it has served since October chose to remain in Houston. The rest took flights to cities like Chicago and New York.↱

»GOP-led Arkansas recently enacted a similar ban on outside money in elections.❥CDR35BX474AKMM-ZANAW➡For those unfamiliar with the "Dark Brandon" origin story here's a quick recap, which like all things internet is a series of takes on takes.↔


▌Phil Dowdell was a star wide receiver with plans to play college football at Jacksonville State University. Smith was a talented athlete who became a team manager after she was sidelined by a knee injury. Collins was a 2020 Opelika High School graduate who planned to start college in the fall after taking a year off to try his hand at music. Holston was a 2018 Dadeville High graduate and former athlete at the school.➯1210Y0500221JCT◥Prosecutors said Michel collected about $100 million from Low to try to influence two U.S. presidential administrations.◊1206Y2K00680GCR✑On April 19, the Air Force said the 102nd Intelligence Wing, where Teixeira worked at Otis, "is not currently performing its assigned intelligence mission. The mission has been temporarily reassigned to other organizations within the Air Force."↰1825J5000470GCR❐In announcing his deal with Twitter, Carlson had a sharp rebuke for all news outlets, which he referred to as "gatekeepers."〓

➹Thompson revealed Monday that the teen was shot in the head and arm and that Yarl didn't make any entry into the house at any point. Lester's charging documents indicate that he shot rounds through a glass door, Thompson said.♤1210Y6300120KCR✤Strange World, a PG-rated Disney movie released last year, features actors Jake Gyllenhaal and Gabrielle Union among others and tells the story of three generations of a family exploring a dangerous land beneath their world.▕


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C0603C829C1GACTU➤In the domestic well study, James is focusing on arsenic, which she says has been gradually increasing in valley drinking wells over the past 50 years. Arsenic levels in San Luis Valley groundwater are "markedly higher than [in] many other areas of the U.S.," according to James. Arsenic concentrations have ranged from less than 2 to 150 µg/L between 1986 and 2014, James found in an earlier study. She is working on updating the data and also investigating ethnic disparities. One study there showed Hispanic adults had higher levels of arsenic in their urine than non-Hispanic white adults did. (Hispanic people can be of any race or combination of races.)☃SRL1J↘"David was magnificent in person," Carrasquilla told NPR. "All students should study the Renaissance, not only the art but the history as well."→

◐Here are four things to know about the player, nicknamed Wemby, who is expected to shake things up in the NBA:▬

❦An area nearly the size of New Orleans is already flooded downstream of Giacomzzi's farm. State officials have warned more water is coming as warmer temperatures cause a record Sierra Nevada snowpack to melt. This week, however, they said some communities, such as Corcoran, should be safe from rising floodwaters because of levee improvements, favorable weather and efforts to spread the water upstream.▤


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