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▩The so-called Five Eyes intelligence-sharing partners — the United States, Canada, Britain and New Zealand — have taken similar steps.➺VJ0805D300JXCAJ✂Because of the state's high gun ownership, Ahranjani said police should be trained in a way that prepares them to de-escalate situations rather than use lethal force.◈BDW93B-BP☀Footage shared on social media, which could not be independently verified, allegedly showed an explosion above the Kremlin.T491B336K016AH◩"That's who Donald Trump is. That is how he thinks. And that's what he does," Kaplan said. "He thinks he can get away with it here."

◇News of Tina Turner's death reverberated throughout social media, with various celebrities and the White House reacting to the news by sending their condolences. The rock and roll trailblazer's death at her home in Switzerland was announced Wednesday. She was 83.↧C0805X222K1RECAUTO7210▦In 2012, a private equity firm bought David's Bridal, which riddled the company with debt. Additionally, societal changes, such as couples marrying later and having smaller weddings, and women buying dresses online and secondhand, has impacted the wedding industry in recent years.▢

✿"The defendant used money, power and sex to get what she wanted," Blake said in court, according to The Associated Press. "It didn't matter what it was."▱


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9230-78»On Monday, Zephyr had stood defiantly on the House floor with her microphone raised as protesters shouted "Let her speak," disrupting House proceedings for at least 30 minutes. Zephyr was then banned from the House and its gallery and voted on bills from a bench in the hallway outside the House on Thursday and Friday.❥0805Y0500121KAT➯Now, after 1.2 million doses have been given in the U.S., the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has real-world evidence that the mpox vaccines are working to prevent disease.⇠


⊿"Unfortunately, it was yet another reminder that — despite my success and accolades as a musician and entrepreneur — racial bias remains prevalent," the rapper said in a statement.✤ERB21B5C2E8R0CDX1L☪Aja Romano, a culture reporter for Vox who's written about the "Dark Brandon" meme, said it's helping to transform the public's perception of the octogenarian president from a bland figure to something more exciting.↚250R05L150FV4T▌The moves come at a time of heightened religious fervor – with Ramadan coinciding with Passover and Easter celebrations. Jerusalem's Old City, home to key Jewish, Muslim and Christian holy sites, has been teeming with visitors and religious pilgrims from around the world.◇VJ0805D1R5BXAAP↖German government spokesperson Christiane Hoffmann said Wednesday that Germany took note of reports about Navalny's worsening health "with great concern." She added that Berlin wants "the inhuman treatment that he is apparently suffering in prison to be lifted," and wants Russian authorities to ensure he gets access to medical treatment and is released.△

⊙"This is really important," Eig said, "because we've been teaching kids this quote from the Playboy interview."⇉CWR29HK336KCFZ\TR●The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan expressed dismay over the "regressive ruling" and said the denial of transgender people's rights to self-perceived gender identity seeks the "erasure of an entire demographic and its fundamental rights." It said rolling back the transgender bill will lead to further marginalization and abuse of an already vulnerable community in Pakistan.◑


♔"I think we set the stage to carry on further conversations," House Speaker Kevin McCarthy told reporters after the meeting Tuesday afternoon. "The president agreed to appoint a couple of people from his administration to sit down and negotiate directly with my team, so I found that to be productive personally."♧0925-561K←Davis is a small city known for its laid-back vibe, bicycle-friendly infrastructure and the University of California, Davis. There are roughly 67,000 residents in the city in addition to more than 13,000 students who live on campus. The city is about 70 miles (112 kilometers) northeast of San Francisco and 15 miles (24 kilometers) west of Sacramento, California.➼M39014/011573Felony charges may be filed in the case, the sheriff's office added.♦1812Y6300122FCT↨Military analysts suggest a possible Chinese strategy in the event of an attack is to try to pressure Taiwan to surrender by blocking sea and air traffic, preventing the United States, Japan or other allies from intervening or sending supplies.✡

↫The storms moving through the Midwest and South on Wednesday threaten some areas still reeling from a deadly bout of bad weather last weekend. The Storm Prediction Center said up to 40 million people in an area that includes major cities including Chicago, Indianapolis, Detroit and Memphis, Tennessee, were at risk from the storms later Wednesday. As of late morning, the the greatest threat appeared to be to an area stretching from lower Michigan into Tennessee and Kentucky.✐M39003/01-2878/HSD♦A recent ad campaign video for beauty brand Bioré followed the same formula as many popular TikToks: a montage of snippets from a content creator’s day, intertwined with clips of a promoted product.ˍ


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