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♛Yet insurance brokers in multiple states told KHN that many clients are having trouble finding in-network providers across a variety of health plans. Even when they do, patients on some plans face "a four- to five-month wait to see a primary care doctor," said Tracy McMillan, president of Marketplace Insurance Exchange, an insurance brokerage in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.➦05083C333MAT2AⓥSome activists would like California to go further, for example, to limit locomotive idling to 15 minutes. They are also concerned that increased demand from online shopping is causing more rail traffic that burdens communities.➻VJ1206A471GXACW1BC❒This story was edited by Neela Banerjee and Sadie Babits. It was produced by Ryan Kellman. Special thanks to Sean McConnell of the Rosenberg Library in Galveston, Texas, for assistance with archival audio and historical records.✦SR209HR0G卍Tacopina irritated Carroll by using the word "supposedly" to cast doubt on her rape claim, drawing an immediate and stern rebuke from the writer.«

✤Raids by Israeli police on the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the most holy Muslim site in Jerusalem, have triggered a spike in violence that continued to spiral in recent days, drawing several regional actors into a deadly back-and-forth.✎C1206C111J8HACAUTO⊙Their choir had been formed as the '"African answer" to the Virginia Jubilee Singers, Erlmann says — a group of African-American performers led by Orpheus McAdoo, a professional singer. They had spent five years touring South Africa, performing religious folk songs closely associated with enslaved people in the United States.◎


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VJ1206A122JXBAC↥The German bank agreed to a $75 million settlement in a deal that was formalized on May 11 and still needs to be approved by the court. A trial to hear the latest civil lawsuit had been scheduled for September 5.⇍AS3BDHM3_A/I☃"It was planned obsolescence, but our bet was that it would take longer for it to happen than most people thought at the time," Randolph said in an interview with The Associated Press last year across the street from the Santa Cruz post office where he mailed the Patsy Cline CD. Hastings replaced Randolph as Netflix's CEO a few years after its inception, a job he didn't relinquish until stepping down in January.✍


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FDMS86320❁It's impossible for civilians to reach family members from whom they are separated, Salih says, so people are effectively prisoners in their own homes. One woman she knew had tried to move from one location to a safer place with her children — and was shot dead by the RSF.┱CDR01BX332BKUP\M2K☻"He didn't like prose, period. He was a poet as well as a novelist, and poetry was actually his passion," Amis told Renée Montagne. "And he hated it if I did any kind of modernist tricks, like unreliable narrators. Anything of that kind would have him hurling the books of the air."▦


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2510-24F❦And that's how one ends up here — with an official presidential campaign site for the United States of America asking supporters to buy a $32 "dark T-shirt" that the campaign says is "best worn while vanquishing Malarkey."▬MMP4403-GM2/TR↩"It is completely unacceptable to force inmates to live in appalling conditions where they are subjected to insects, grime, and infections," Crump said. "No one should be treated that way."♣


◊The new Irish labeling rules, which will take effect in three years, will be more explicit about the possible negative health effects of drinking and contain more information about what's in the drink.➨RLH0912-101KBRL✆But that could change as soon as this Friday, when the preliminary injunction issued by U.S. District Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk is set to take effect.↬RN1406,LF❧Newsom's announcement did not include details on the number of personnel involved, funding and what enforcement will look like. The governor's office did not immediately respond to NPR's request for a comment.⇇T491B335M025ZT7111✐A representative for Fallon didn't respond to a request for comment.◄

❀The Board of Supervisors voted 7-4 on Tuesday to repeal a section of the city's administrative code that prohibits staff from visiting and city departments from contracting with companies headquartered in the states, which include Texas, Florida and Ohio.➤SP1210R-184H⇍Kansas State University's athletic director, Gene Taylor, says his men's basketball coach, Jerome Tang, was drawing heavily from it.☠

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