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۰Carrie Underwood, the most-awarded artist in CMT history with 25 awards, performed "Hate My Heart" as fireworks lit up the Austin night. Four-time Grammy winner Clark Jr. performed a tribute to the late Texas guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughn at the top of the show.▶1C10C0G101J050B①Qahar Balkhi, a spokesman for the ministry, told CBS News that reports the attack had occurred as the Taliban's foreign minister met with China's ambassador to Afghanistan were incorrect.☇1206Y1000122JCT♧Heidi Smith, the marketing director of Ivy Creek Healthcare, which runs a hospital in Dadeville, said the hospital treated at least 15 gunshot victims.♂1825J2500473MXR↸The Montana Freedom Caucus deliberately misgendered Zephyr, using male pronouns in a letter saying she should be censured. After Monday's protest, the caucus said she should be further disciplined.º

☏Missouri is among the 38 states with a Stand Your Ground law, a criminal defense doctrine that allows people to use physical force if they "reasonably believe" they are under threat, with no duty to retreat. The state also has a "castle doctrine," which generally allows a resident to use deadly force against someone who unlawfully enters their home.×TS25P06G-K C2G☀BELGRADE, Serbia — Tens of thousands of people marched through the Serbian capital, Belgrade, and blocked a key bridge Friday in the second large protest since two mass shootings that rattled the Balkan country and killed 17 people, including many children.➼


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1206J0100103FCR☌Dominion's legal team pursued a "to the pain" strategy, intending to inflict maximum discomfort for Fox and its proprietors in order to secure as big a payout and as public an apology from Fox News as possible. For Fox and its controlling owners, Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch, it was worth the cost to pay for the spectacle to go away.↞CKR06BX152KSV➨It's quite common for many women with disabilities to be impregnated by men who will not own up or who may own up but will not marry them to have a home together.♩

۰A technical problem forced Flamini to briefly pause the challenge around Day 300, The Associated Press reports. She spent eight days in a tent, without making contact with anyone, before returning to the cave. (Nov. 21, 2021 to April 14 is 509 days.)⊿


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GRM0336S1E4R5CD01D❀"We're also now taking a hard look at our safety guidance and identifying any education messages that may be inadvertently ableist or not account for how someone who uses a wheelchair or walker may safely use a product," Galbo wrote.▶VJ0805A392GXBTW1BC▐Palestinians consider the site a national symbol, and the storming of Al-Aqsa Mosque by Israeli security forces was a major catalyst for 11 days of violence in 2021.●

♨“I probably shouldn’t have put my feet on the desk,” Barnett testified. “And my language … I’m a Christian. It just wasn’t good. It wasn’t who I am.” He told the jury he would apologize to Pelosi in person if he could.♪

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