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♂According to officials, an Allen Police Department officer on an unrelated call heard gunfire at 3:36 p.m. on Saturday.➲SR2050PTHC0G⊟In many ways, life under the sea has been relatively normal for Dituri. He cooks eggs for breakfast, exercises in the mornings and teaches courses virtually for the University of South Florida.▥SR201C103MARTR2«"I think our staff wants to reiterate how unheroic what we did was," Parker said. "We did what we always do. We opened our doors to the people who need it."ЮCRY75(TE85L,Q,M)➽Shiv is keeping her options open◈

◀Prosecutors said Michel collected about $100 million from Low to try to influence two U.S. presidential administrations.↛74437336010╬But new data from states that have begun this process show that hundreds of thousands of people are losing coverage – not because of their income, but because of administrative problems, like missing a renewal notification in the mail.⇈


◦Many would have gotten a lower sentence if they were charged today with the same offense because of changes in the laws. A commuted sentence means they'll spend less time in home confinement.あ1210Y1000470JCT◎Carrasquilla said she was not given a specific reason for the ultimatum. However, the fallout at Tallahassee Classical comes at a time when control of school curricula is increasingly contested across the country.❤B82498F3220J1▦As NPR's Selena Simmons-Duffin reported, a panel of conservative-leaning federal judges posed questions to lawyers on both sides. Judge Cory Wilson asked Deputy Assistant Attorney General Sarah Harrington, who was representing the FDA, what happens to patients who receive pills in the mail, if the drugs do not successfully terminate a pregnancy within two weeks. Harrington told Wilson that in a small percentage of cases, patients may need to contact their healthcare providers for follow-up care.➴BYI-1§Houston meteorologists said the smoke plumes were visible from space, via satellite.▀

♣But Penny repeatedly told the New York Post that race had nothing to do with the confrontation between him and Neely.◦CCR05CG162FSV♦"Unfortunately, most of these schemes are the result of bad actors receiving stolen Medicare beneficiary information," Scott Lampert, assistant inspector general for investigations, tells KFF Health News.●

ⓔShaquille O’Neal is over 7 feet tall and appears on TV frequently. But the former NBA star was hard to locate — at least for the more than two dozen process servers who had been hired to notify O’Neal that he’s being sued.✎


❉That's the narrative I wanted to share.  There is obviously much more to the story, but only so much can fit into a 40-minute podcast.✲2220Y0250394KDT▆Who is it? Gannett publishes newspapers like USA Today, as well as many local weekly papers. Despite managing many local outlets, it has been cutting down for years.↡CWR29KC225KBEB∷Ilana Masad is a fiction writer, book critic, and author of the novel All My Mother's Lovers.IMC2220ER1R2K◧"I feel so emotional, like I could cry. The color changed and seeing the corona and sun flares ...," Copson said.√

♥Then Maj. Shul and Watson radioed in — 1,492 knots.⇩135D277X9035K2▬"When I'm laid down on the cross, my body begins to feel cold," he said. "When my hands are tied, I just close my eyes and tell myself, 'I can do this. I can do this.'"↗


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HT06BW105KN♜But Brandt’s moment of internet fame hid — as many memes do — the storied background of its subject. Brandt, a farmer and Vietnam War veteran, had won acclaim long before becoming a meme for pioneering techniques to preserve farmland threatened by soil degradation. The photo that vaulted him to fame was taken in 2012 by the U.S. Agriculture Department, which launched a national education campaign on soil preservation from Brandt’s family farm.➙1N4683 TR PBFREE✉From Bradenton, Fla., to Charleston, W.V., from Tulsa to Little Rock, and most recently Altoona, Pa., Maggi has been the epitome of a baseball journeyman, playing season after season in the minors dreaming of his shot in the big leagues.】

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