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卐The other significant consequence, which we discussed earlier, was the rise of Al Qaeda in Iraq.⇋


▎These are Camilla's grandchildren through her first marriage, to Andrew Parker Bowles. So a blended family will be on display at the heart of Britain's monarchy.♥CWR26HC106MBFZ\HR⇀Somewhat tongue-in-cheek, DeSantis suggested Monday that the new board or lawmakers could take other actions with the Disney's 27,000 acres (10,926 hectares) in central Florida, such as building a state park, a competing theme park or a prison.☻1812J6300270FAR☛"Disqualifying dead cats with microchips is too little too late," said SAFE spokesperson Will Appelbe. "It's not even an ambulance, but a grave at the bottom of the cliff."▢T491X227M010AT4053♡She spent the first day of her exile last week battling to use a bench in a statehouse hallway. Her key card to access Capitol entrances, bathrooms and party workspaces was deactivated, according to the lawsuit.❤

◢Some people question whether the Biden administration's weighing in would have much impact, given the deep political divisions in some states where local officials are eager to flout federal guidance. Earlier this year, Republican leaders in Tennessee rejected millions of dollars in federal funding for HIV prevention to push back on federal support for transgender and abortion rights.☣SR201A271FAR☞Martinez, whose son Xavier Lopez was killed, comes from a family filled with law enforcement officers — including Coronado. These days, they have no communication.╬


▣And then there are people like Peter Paul Togero, who lives in the dusty village of Ayom in northern Uganda. He agreed that very little has been resolved. Togero is a member of an association of 43 parents with children suffering from nodding syndrome. "If you can, ask any organization to look for the solution of those who have the syndrome," he said. "If any organization can come and assist those, they are key."↘GRJ32ER71A226ME11L↙"The social conditions of this country are far removed from the trial and hearing which is underway in the courts," Krishna Saagar Rao, a spokesperson from India's ruling Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party, tells NPR, referring to the Supreme Court case.☣592D106X0016C2T15H❧Ivey's statement comes as conservative politicians have made a rallying cry out of decrying so-called "woke" teachings, with schools sometimes emerging as a flashpoint over diversity training and parents' rights.↡2225J6300221GCT♣Intense fighting between the army and the Rapid Support Forces paramilitary group has ripped through Khartoum and other parts of Sudan. Normally bustling areas have been overtaken by air strikes, artillery, gunfire and tragedy.☪

↭On Thursday evening, Crawford County Emergency Management, who responded to the incident, wrote on Facebook, "There is currently no harm to the community or environment, but Desoto Fire Department is working closely with BNSF staff throughout this clean-up process to prepare for any unknown."◎M39003/09-4055/TR⇥"We found this incredible opening in one of the [stems] that I've dubbed the Pando portal," he says.⇨


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SR205E105ZAR⇩"So, if you're in an environment where the recovery is kind of front and center and people are watching and monitoring and supervising," she said, "I think that's helpful for a lot of kids."◎VJ0805D1R5CXPAC➼Zephyr spoke briefly during a House Judiciary Committee meeting Monday morning. The full House — minus Zephyr — reconvened in the afternoon. Zephyr cast votes from a statehouse snack bar because several people occupied the bench.

⇐Facility fires are not uncommon in the area, with the strong presence of the petrochemical industry. In March, an explosion and a fire erupted at a facility owned by INEOS Phenol in nearby Pasadena, Texas, leaving one injured.◤

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