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▥Otoo isn't alone in this observation. Aber Salume, a registered nurse who works at the nearby Archbishop John Baptist Odama Care Center for children with nodding syndrome, provides her perspective on some of the most troubling manifestations of the disease: Most of the children enrolled at the center are those in severe form, she said: "Children who have developed psychosis, those who are psychiatric patients," and those who "are victims of developmental retardation."☪CGA2B1X8R1E473M050BC◆About half of all fatal domestic blazes in New Zealand also involve alcohol or drugs, fire and emergency services say.☻CBR06C390F1GAC⇍An earlier round of surveying by the bureau previously found that 2020 saw the highest voter turnout of this century, with 66.8% of adult U.S. citizens casting ballots in that presidential election year, despite the hurdles brought on by the early months of the pandemic. COVID led many states and local communities to increase access to mail and early voting.⇂2200HT-1R2-V-RC♧Without good collection, however, the analysts were left on their own.  And the analysts made their own mistakes.  The causes of those mistakes were numerous, and I want to touch on just some of them, the ones I see as most important.▒

▧Following the shooting, police discovered an AR-15-style rifle and a handgun at the scene after Garcia was killed, The Associated Press reported. Questions still remain about how, where and when Garcia obtained the gun used in the shooting.☏591D686X06R3D2T035⇠Swatting isn't necessarily a new phenomenon. But the call to Twin Falls doesn't appear to be an isolated incident, and it doesn't appear to have originated locally.♀

▌SAVANNAH, Ga. — Larry "Gator" Rivers, who helped integrate high school basketball in Georgia before playing for the Harlem Globetrotters and becoming a county commissioner in his native Savannah, died Saturday at age 73.▩


√About a month after Nanuq disappeared, people in Wales, 150 miles (241 kilometers) northeast of Savoonga on Alaska's western coast, began posting pictures online of what they described as a lost dog.ⓥFP100R12KT4PB11BPSA1➛On Friday, Gulden told investors that "there are three, four scenarios that are now building" and the company has been in talks with "interesting parties many times."☀1812J1000332FAR∷Launched in the 1970s as a single store in New Jersey, Bed Bath & Beyond seemed unstoppable even through the Great Recession as it outlived its main rival, Linens 'n Things, and later bought BuyBuy Baby, World Market and online retailer One Kings Lane.♧VJ0201A101JXJCW1BC♨California has always experienced dramatic swings from drought to floodwaters. Those swings are expected to become more severe as temperatures rise due to human-caused climate change.▅

ⓥNow, Cuello is the executive director of NC Field, a grassroots nonprofit organization that works to serve marginalized populations in rural eastern North Carolina.▣1210Y0250272FCR➨Vinha also says the negative view of schools — many right-wing Brazilians have in recent years voiced concern over subjects like politics and gender being discussed in schools, two topics they believe should be taught at home — and their role in students' lives also needs to shift. School is often the only place students regularly frequent outside their home, so it needs to be a place where they feel heard and where conflicts can be resolved, says Vinha, noting that methods to mitigate and deal with bullying and fighting should be taught to educators. She also suggests regular discussions among students about their problems, both in groups and one-on-one with reliable peers, could help.✥


♠It was these constructive elements "of social activism, of social justice, of lifting people up" that Williams sought to leverage, particularly within communities of color and underserved populations. And artists like DMC were eager to be a part of what Williams was building. "If hip-hop could tell people how to dress, what to drive, what to smoke, what to drink and how to act," says DMC, "why couldn't hip hop tell people how to live?"❁ELJ-SC270KF♧On Sunday, the World Food Program said it temporarily suspended operations in Sudan after three agency employees were killed in clashes the previous day and an aircraft used by the WFP was damaged.⊿0805J0500122FCT▄NPR's Michele Kelemen contributed reporting.¤SWT-0.2-374▧The collection failure is significant because had collectors seen what Saddam had done, the analytic failure on WMD could not, and would not, have happened.▥

↞MILWAUKEE, Wis. — Democrats have scored a major off-year election victory in Wisconsin, winning the state's open supreme court seat and flipping control of the court to liberals for the first time in 15 years.✌C0603C102K5GACTU➟And while food prices have started to drop, they're still 7.7% higher than they were a year ago, according to April data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.☪


▄Mayor André Sayegh, who went to visit Elnakib at the hospital on Sunday afternoon, said the imam was in stable condition despite "suffering some serious wounds."☟SQCBEA102KA7ME➳The government elected a year ago is increasing resources for aged care.↲K121J15C0GK53H5No matter where the seaweed is collected, the process of selling it is the same. Once the women return to their village, the seaweed is carefully weighed by representatives of local factories. Much haggling occurs.♥RPE5C2A821J2K1A03B☪One was a hot sauce bottle and the second was the word "Sauce" in all caps that had diamonds set to look like they were dripping from the letters.↷

◎One 2013 study showed that 29% of the most viral content shared in the days after the bombing was false information or rumors. Another 50% were just opinions or feelings, not facts.⊙1808J0160105JXR▣Kevin Schott, director of the Montgomery County Emergency Management Agency, said the biggest challenge was trying to get to victims quickly.♦


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