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▣Republicans decried the bills as onerous encroachments on Second Amendment rights that would impede Colorado residents' ability to defend themselves amid a rising statewide crime rate. Gun rights advocates pledged to reverse the measures.➭1825Y2000151JCR☋By that point, she'd already made it through 60 books.▣CKC33C183FEGACAUTO¤Thompson offered few additional details on the shooting during Monday's press conference beyond what police had previously shared.✿ZXM64P035L3◩The coronation ceremony will be the first time Harry appears with his father and brother William, the Prince of Wales, since the funeral of the late Queen Elizabeth II in September.£

☢Three victims who were hospitalized are in stable condition as of Tuesday morning and one is in fair condition. Another four have been discharged. The hospital used more than 170 units of blood to treat the victims, prompting a representative from the Red Cross to call for more donations during a press conference on Tuesday.◘12061A330GAT4A➘The second instance took place in June of 2016 when Karen McDougal, a former Playboy playmate, alleged that she had an affair with Trump while he was married. Trump, his former lawyer Michael Cohen and AMI's CEO David Pecker "had a series of discussions about who should pay off [MacDougal] to secure her silence," prosecutors say.▷

ⓛWith Trump's proposal to expand the use of the death penalty, he is reigniting a debate over the practice that remains unsettled.⇆


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GCM033R71E152MA03J☀A major reason the U.S. trails other developed countries in life expectancy is because it has more people behind bars and keeps them there far longer, says Chris Wildeman, a Duke University sociology professor who has researched the link between criminal justice and life expectancy.☎VJ0603D271KXXAT▣Big box stores and grocery consolidation have added even more pressure on local grocers. A recent USDA report shows the percentage of grocery sales from the nation's top 20 retailers more than doubled from 1990 to 2020, while the consolidation was more pronounced in rural areas.۰

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♪"As proven at trial, the defendant engaged in an extensive conspiracy to use millions of dollars in foreign funds to engage in illegal back-channel lobbying and make unlawful campaign contributions," Assistant Attorney General Kenneth Polite Jr. of the Justice Department's Criminal Division said in a statement. "Today's verdict demonstrates that anyone who engages in unlawful foreign-sponsored efforts to influence American officials, our elections, or the criminal justice system will be brought to justice."✲1808Y1000104MDR⇅According to Yarl's family, the teenager was planning to pick up his younger siblings from a friend's house. But he drove to the wrong address, his family says, confusing 115th Street for 115th Terrace.↰T496B225K020AT▦The outlook for the labor market remains uncertain, however.↩30LVD33RK▄Security was a major concern, with the parade coming just days after two drones exploded inside the Kremlin walls. Moscow claimed it as an "assassination attempt" on President Putin.⊿

⇗After Teixeira's arrest, Democratic Senator Jack Reed of Rhode Island, the chair of the Armed Services Committee, said Congress would be briefed on the leak. A hearing is scheduled for next week.☂4232-822H↘Francis, along with dozens of prelates and tens of thousands of faithful, celebrated Easter Mass in a flower-adorned St. Peter's Square, affirming the Christian belief that Jesus rose from the dead days after his crucifixion.▄


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1210Y0160223JFR◦Several police vehicles, armored trucks and ambulances responded to the scene. Hundreds of people, some with their hands raised, were evacuated from the area and police were seen directing them away from the mall.♂TAJD225M050HNJ▣Indeed, in a society living through the trauma of war, the public debate often gets overheated, and it is easy to be labeled a "bad" citizen. Those who leave face moral scrutiny over their choice, and those who stay in towns on the front lines — and especially those who have lived under the Russian occupation — are stigmatized as possible collaborators and enemy sympathizers.⊙


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