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C0603S103K4RACTU▭Wisconsin Rep. Derrick Van Orden, who led the effort to preserve the ethanol credit, told NPR he would back the package and stressed the bill would help boost the speaker's leverage with President Biden.ⓥC320C123K3G5TA▬That means one could be taking place right in the middle of the Republican presidential primary. And right now Trump is the clear front-runner for the GOP nomination once again. But that would mean a strong possibility of Republicans backing someone with pending criminal charges to advance to a general election.〓


•Attorney General Merrick Garland has been briefed on the situation, a Justice Department spokesperson said in a statement. The FBI is assisting the Brownville police investigation, the spokesperson said.◢GMC21X7R105M25NT♠He told Jimmy Fallon last year that when he was working on his 2005 album, his younger brother Sean was "always our litmus test" and never satisfied with any of the songs. But when Sean heard "The Time is Now," he says, he offered a seal of approval in the form of Tony Yayo's move — bobbing his head in front of his open hand.♡GA0805A391FXABC31G⇥In Montreal, there were numerous reports of downed trees. Transport Quebec said weather conditions forced it to close the Victoria Bridge, which connects Montreal with its southern suburbs.◊1210Y2K04P70CCR▤In its place, the Biden administration has implemented a combination of new asylum rules and legal pathways. These measures are intended to discourage migrants from crossing the border illegally and prevent an unprecedented increase of people seeking asylum along the southern border.▶

⇇Authorities have deployed thousands of paramilitary soldiers in the state and arrested nearly 100 of his supporters. Singh's wife was prevented from leaving India last week.⇪1825J6300122JCR☍In a copy of the April 13 memo first obtained by The Texas Observer, the new dress code — handed down by Sid Miller, the state's agriculture commissioner — is required by all employees as a part of a "dress code and grooming policy."↗


♥"The world just is, just holds their breath when things like this happen," Biden said. "And I know you know it, but the work you're doing is going to inspire countless people around our country and the world."⇠CDR01BP101BKUS\M1K➜“If we were to run into each other, they try to say hi,” she said, “but I want nothing to do with them.”↠RD0504T-TL-H✈DETROIT — A Tennessee company could be heading for a legal battle with U.S. auto safety regulators after refusing a request that millions of potentially dangerous air bag inflators be recalled.卍1812Y0100683KCR▆More than 1.13 million people in the U.S. have died from COVID-19 over the last three years, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, including 1,773 people in the week ending April 5.⇢

❖The combination of the two biggest and best-known Swiss banks, each with histories dating to the mid-19th century, strikes at Switzerland's reputation as a global financial center — putting it on the cusp of having a single national banking champion.∴2N6428ABU☪London's Metropolitan Police said four people were detained on suspicion of criminal damage and obstructing the highway Thursday morning in relation to the protest.»


✐"State agencies should be focused on doing their jobs and not discriminating against their own employees and trying to make political statements through their agency regulations," Klosterboer told The Tribune.▊BZG04-9V1-M3-18✿The Oregon State Police and other local agencies received calls around 7:23 p.m. local time about money "floating" on Interstate 5 near the south end of Eugene, an OSP spokesperson said in an emailed statement.◎IPC100N04S51R7ATMA1▂Problems range from unhealthy management structure of some major companies, to the regularized production system that can hinder originality, to treatment of artists' rights.〓1206Y0630330FFR☺But the important words there were, and are, the last three.¤

£"So I can't be confident that April will mark the end of this strep throat season," she says, adding that the amoxicillin shortage may continue to cause trouble.➮N0118GA,116▪Thousands of others are hoping the same is true for them.∷


☠Aid agencies have been providing food, education and health care support to Afghans in the wake of the Taliban takeover and the economic collapse that followed it. But distribution has been severely affected by the Taliban edict banning women from working at NGOs — and, now, also at the U.N.❈1812Y0630473GCTAs Kip becomes immersed in heavy metal and its attendant scene, he becomes drawn to a Kira Carson, another headbanger who, according to Leslie, has an actual death wish. The three soon become a bona fide trio, linked by music and outsider status: Leslie is often the sole Black person at any show, and is bisexual and adopted by white parents to boot; Kira, who is white, is nominally homeschooled although in reality her home consists mostly of a reclusive mother and an abusive father; and Kip, white as well, is the literal outsider, attending senior year in a place where everyone has known each other for ages. They find strength and enjoyment in each other, even as the dynamics begin to get messy; Kip is crushing on Kira hard, Kira is more interested in older and meaner men, and Leslie is sleeping with Kira's cousin, a weed dealer who occasionally beats him up.▲T491D156M025ZTZQ01◢The production company finalized a settlement last month with New Mexico workplace safety regulars over "serious" violations, agreeing to a $100,000 fine to resolve a scathing safety review that detailed unheeded complaints and misfires on set before cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was shot and killed in October 2021.⇙0805J0250271KXR✈The coming months are likely to be a "stress test" for a national aviation system plagued by recent staffing shortages, antiquated technology, air traffic control problems, scheduling issues and labor disputes.▶

•Prosecutors say that in the month before his wife died unexpectedly, Chad Daybell signed paperwork to boost her life insurance to the maximum allowed under the policy.▫B82476A1473M⇈Volokh said most defendants feel as if they are targets of an unfair process, including the ex-president, and that Trump, "like any other defendant and any other American, has the right to criticize the justice system."▧


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