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↻Since those cuts, oil prices have trended down. Brent crude, a global benchmark, was trading around $80 a barrel at the end of last week, down from around $95 in early October, when the earlier cuts were agreed.◥

▱The attorneys general of California and New York have opened a joint investigation regarding allegations of workplace discrimination at the NFL — citing lawsuits filed by employees that detail sex, racial and age bias, sexual harassment and a hostile work environment.▩


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C316C241J3G5TA7301↷"I don't think about things I don't think about," the Bryan character responds, prompting the Darrow character to ask: "Do you think about the things you DO think about?"★1944R-12F☣Conference organizers asked reporters not to record entire presentations. But one thing Serano and other attendees heard again and again from speakers: In this room, you're among heroes.▋

ⓛAn analysis commissioned by the Fertilizer Institute, a group that represents the fertilizer industry, disagrees, saying that using phosphogypsum in road construction won't produce radioactive doses that are above the EPA's acceptable risks. Such work, it stated, "can be done safely and results in doses that are a small fraction of those arising from natural background radiation."↻

✈California condors have been making a comeback in the wild and now occupy parts of California's Central Coast, Arizona, Utah and Baja California, Mexico. The total wild population now numbers more than 300 birds.▄


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