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ⓛ"It's mostly symbolic, but when you think about it, the monarchy itself is mostly symbolic," Gullace says, noting that titles have long been a point of contention for the family of Prince Harry and Meghan, for example. "So these symbolics end up being very important."◦


⇈Founded in 2010, ispace hopes to start turning a profit as a one-way taxi service to the moon for other businesses and organizations. Hakamada said Wednesday that a second mission is already in the works for next year.☂C901U120JZNDCAWL40◘Military analysts say they believe the original versions of the documents were slightly altered in some instances.❏C1206C189B4HACAUTO↿“Tens of millions of people will be immediately hit with bills for past due interest charges, courtesy of congressional Republicans,” Mike Pierce, executive director of the Student Borrower Protection Center, said on a call with reporters Tuesday. “Amid record inflation … this is exactly the wrong time to saddle working families with unexpected bills as part of a half-baked political stunt.”DDZ22DS-7●It's long been known that Fox News founder Rupert Murdoch has sought to influence elections in his native Australia, the U.K. and the U.S., both in his news pages and programs and behind the scenes. Former Republican vice presidential candidate and U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan sits on the corporate board of Fox Corp., the network's corporate parent. (He was among those who argued that Fox had to release its embrace of election conspiracy theories.)ⓞ

▪Julie Copson, who traveled more than 1,000 km (600 miles) from the Australian west coast port city of Fremantle north to Exmouth, said the phenomenon left her skin tingling.■1210Y1000820FCT⋄"The expulsion of six members from the Tennessee legislature in July 1866 was for 'the contempt of the authority of this House,' " Vanderbilt University's Russell, a principal senior lecturer in political science, told NPR.➧

▃The victims and their families in both cases agreed to the plea bargain after months of discussion, according to reporting from Connecticut Public Radio.➳


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08051A130KAT2A♙"We're allowing people who don't believe in this system to come in and destroy it," she said.♠1210J1K50220JCR↵NEW YORK — Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin will use the $10 million given to online fundraising campaigns by well-wishers after his on-field collapse to fund his own nonprofit, the Chasing M's Foundation.↑

↕As a military analyst working on a Pentagon project in 1971, Ellsberg chose to release to the public an extensive, documentary record of U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War. Known as "the Pentagon Papers," Ellsberg's mammoth disclosure changed the national temperature about the war, prompted a landmark Supreme Court decision on freedom of the press and provoked an overreaction from President Richard Nixon that led directly to the scandals that ended his presidency.↝

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