AMMSZ5237A-HF Specifications

❈In 2021, 474 people died from fentanyl-related overdoses in the city. Between January and March of this year, 200 people died from accidental drug overdoses, with a vast majority of deaths involving the synthetic opioid, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.⇌

⇑As a child, Chung had considered her family middle-class, but work was often unsteady. When Chung was in high school, her mother had a mastectomy to treat breast cancer and a hysterectomy to treat endometriosis — costly medical crises that brushed up against periods of unemployment for her parents, who often didn't have health insurance. During this time, Chung realized her family's financial situation was in fact precarious. "I had sensed that we no longer lived paycheck to paycheck, as my mother had once told me, but emergency to emergency," she writes, distilling the insecurity her parents faced. "What had seemed like stability proved to be a flimsy, shallow facsimile of it, a version known to so many American families, dependent on absolutely everything going right."○

◧In Ukraine, through a videographer friend of his daughter's documenting the war, he was also connected to Vladyslav Orlov, a special operations Ukrainian soldier who in October had been severely injured by a Russian explosive device.➺

⊙When asked about tribal concerns about mineral extraction at Monday's briefing, Vilsack said there would be a "significant tribal consultation" for mining projects on land his agency controls. But when pressed about what would happen if an Indigenous community said no to a mining project, he declined to answer the question, calling it hypothetical.☄


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SR405E225MARTR1✥Orlov's girlfriend, Ashley Matkowsky, an American documentary filmmaker whom he met in Ukraine during the war, was also instrumental in helping ensure that he got the necessary care.⊙2220J1K00472MDT▶The Swiss bank has been pushing to raise money from investors and roll out a new strategy to overcome an array of troubles, including bad bets on hedge funds, repeated shake-ups of its top management and a spying scandal involving Zurich rival UBS.↙

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