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C323C271G3G5TA❖The decision for Syria to return also includes a commitment to ongoing dialogue with Arab governments to gradually reach a political solution to the conflict, in line with United Nations Security Council Resolution 2254. The Arab League in the decision also set up a communications committee consisting of Saudi Arabia and Syria's neighbors Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq to follow up on developments.▧VJ1206A5R6DXAAP⇂The clinic's director, Angela Franey, had previously voiced support for the Supreme Court's Dobbs decision.▥


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2220Y1K20220FCRⓞThe portraits remained in the family until 1760 and were auctioned off. They circulated through several different private collections until a man named James Murray auctioned them at Christie's in 1824.▰F681K33Y5RN63K5RIn Oregon, research by Aliza Kaplan, a defense attorney, found that since the U.S. Supreme Court ruled non-unanimous verdicts unconstitutional, close to 20% of petitions for appeal have come from Black inmates, even though African Americans make up less than 3% of the state's population.➙


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FK28X5R1A684K⇘When asked whether he believes the shooting was racially motivated, Thompson said nothing of that nature is clear in the probable cause documents. He said Yarl and Lester didn't appear to have any interaction before the shooting.★1808Y0250562KFT☠In a video announcement that mirrored his 2020 campaign themes, Biden billed himself as the person who can keep the government running in an age of hyperpartisanship and political disillusionment.▩


▰The decision to use 33 booster engines — more than any other rocket ever made — is a trade-off, says Paulo Lozano, director of MIT's space propulsion laboratory.◪VJ1206Y273KBBAT4X➚Kaplan used Trump's words to support Carroll's claims that Trump raped her in early spring 1996 in the dressing room of Bergdorf Goodman, a luxury department store in Manhattan across the street from Trump Tower.♬GCJ21BR71C474MA01L✪McAdory has not yet responded to NPR's request for comment, but he told WBAL-TV, which first reported on the controversy, "Guns can be safe if it's controlled by the right person." He added, "I really wasn't coming out here for the kids. I was coming out here to show people that this is legal."▧MA0402XR823K160◎She is particularly hopeful that this intervention can help prevent adolescent maternal deaths — the leading cause of death for girls aged 15-19 worldwide.●

▐"There are opportunities to incentivize" and support state and local governments "in the right direction," says Michele Gilbert, a senior policy analyst with the think tank Bipartisan Policy Center. The Biden administration can issue official guidance, promote the findings of national research, or leverage the power of its purse strings. But so far, "there hasn't been a lot of federal government action on the settlement."★GA1210A181GBBAT31G⇥"Information suggests that an altercation occurred in the parking lot of HEB, and multiple shots were fired into a vehicle," police say, adding that two of the people inside were hit.♣

➚"We are preparing a counterattack for the illegally occupied areas based on our constitutionally definied legitimate borders, which are recognized internationally," Zelenskyy said.◘

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