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☼"Money is pretty tight these days," he said by phone, driving from Utah to Arizona with his two dogs in the truck he calls home.ˍ


↭Gorsuch and Colorado property. On April 25, Politico reported that Justice Neil Gorsuch sold a 40-acre property he co-owned in Granby, Colo., to Brian Duffy, the CEO of Greenberg Traurig, one of America's largest law firms, which has since had 22 cases come before the court. Gorsuch reported the transaction but not the buyer's identity. According to the story, Duffy, whom Politico notes has been primarily a Democratic donor, though he's given to both parties, says he is neither a friend nor a confidant of Gorsuch.↙C323C182KAG5TA7301♨""I've worked in water my entire career and one of our sayings is never waste a good crisis,"" he said, standing next to a field of purposely flooded grape vines at a vineyard north of Fresno. ""This is our chance for everyone to be aware of what's possible."""➟0603J1505P60CQT▌"A lot of these websites were hosting information on violent crimes, murder, suicide. A lot of things that would potentially drive conversation, get people talking, and would get people sharing opinions or sharing the links," she continued. The goal appears to be "to get eyes on the page to drive traffic to these websites in a likely attempt to get ad revenue."☢VJ0805D241JLPAJ✪She says lower-income residents often can't or don't choose the kinds of healthy meals that would help them control their diabetes.⇡

◎Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders in Arkansas, where at least five people were killed, already had declared a state of emergency and activated the National Guard.◇CS1G-E3/I⊕Schumer said the group hopes they can replicate their success from passing the bipartisan CHIPS and Science Act signed into law last year. Schumer and Young worked closely on significant portions of that plan.♣


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SQJ500EPTR➻South Korea has been requesting and the U.S. has been promising to give Seoul a bigger say in how to deter North Korea, including more joint planning, consultation and intelligence sharing.↑USC1104⇎Police have said that while at the local hospital, he "became physically assaultive toward officers," at which point they arrested him and took him to a local jail, something Otieno's family says should never have happened given that he was in need of treatment. On the afternoon of March 6, he was transferred to the state hospital, which has a unit that provides care for people admitted from jails or by court order.↹


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TPME227M016R0040♥Rio Cortez, the book's author, stated, "It only further affirms for me that there's revolutionary power in understanding history."♦VJ0603A470KXAPW1BC❤Gurulé explained that drug-related offenses violate federal and state laws. However, "the vast majority of drug trafficking offenses are prosecuted at the state level as a state criminal offense," he explained.☢


▣"I didn't talk to myself out loud, but I had internal conversations and got on very well with myself," she added.➯CDR01BP101BJYPAR▨Officers quickly set up a base of operations at the Church of the Nazarene about 500 yards from the school and got to work coordinating with the Sherriff's Office, the Fire Department, Magic Valley Paramedics and their ambulances and helicopters, the SWAT teams, and, eventually, a horde of panicked parents.▀VJ0603Q330JXAAP↘"I cannot underscore how broad the text is," she says. "It could encompass any device used in an abortion."✉TCTP0J476M8R✁The disturbing texts came to light during an investigation by the FBI and the local District Attorney's office into alleged misconduct by police in Antioch and the neighboring city of Pittsburg, Calif. Some of the issues being investigated include violent and excessive use of police dogs and eliciting false confessions.۰

↰This week, Rapp was part of a panel of three international legal experts, a kind of "people's court," at The Hague who reviewed evidence and heard testimony from survivors and members of the military against Russian President Vladimir Putin for the crime of aggression in Ukraine.○IHLP5050CEER3R3M07♠“We need to let families think about it, and we’re not doing it,” she said of the ban in an interview with The Post before the vote. “We’re rushing them into a decision.”⏎

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