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12101U430FAT2A↿"I definitely was adamant to suggest the player should not be on the field anymore," Gonzalez said. "I know it's an accusation, but I believe my players. I trust my players. If they say something, they're high-character human beings before professional soccer players, so I would trust that it's true."░CDR31BP510BJSP-ZANAE↖Credit Suisse reported earlier this week that managers had identified "material weaknesses" in the bank's internal controls on financial reporting as of the end of last year. That fanned new doubts about the bank's ability to weather the storm.↳


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2220Y2000392FFT➺"Stacey Abrams has proven herself an essential voice and eager participant in protecting American democracy – not just for certain populations, but for everyone with the fundamental right to make their voices heard," Frederick said.◆M1331-223K⇐She says lower-income residents often can't or don't choose the kinds of healthy meals that would help them control their diabetes.♀

▧"Strong hiring for airlines and hotels and restaurants is largely offsetting the weakness elsewhere," said Julia Pollak, chief economist for the job search website ZipRecruiter.↡


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BZ120055WC16136CB1▰--that once sanctions were lifted, Saddam would be free to re-arm.☌DTC124EU3HZGT106⊞The Republican governor is expected to soon announce that he will seek his party's nomination to challenge President Joe Biden in next year's election.→


♬But Erdogan has also defied the United States and its other NATO allies. He bought Russian missile systems, a move that prompted the U.S. to halt plans to supply Turkey with the F-35 war planes used by other NATO countries. He launched military offensives against Kurdish militias in Syria, even though they are allies with the U.S. in fighting ISIS. He slowed Finland's admission into NATO — and is still blocking Sweden's — over claims those countries shelter Kurdish militants connected to militants in Turkey.▒BSC100N03LSG◎"This situation cries out for justice," said Shelly Nortz, deputy executive director for policy at the Coalition for the Homeless. "I want to see this person held accountable for killing a fellow New Yorker. Allowing this to happen only encourages others to do the same."➬C321C561JAG5TA✿“When we see them, they put their heads down,” said Felicha Martinez, whose son was killed in the attack and whose cousin is a police officer who responded to the shooting. “They know they did wrong and wish they could go back and do it over again.”↧T95Z226M020LSAL✉They paid a combined $169,820 in federal and state income taxes, with payments to Delaware and Virginia, where the first lady works as an instructor at Northern Virginia Community College. She has maintained her day job while performing the duties of first lady. She made $82,335 for her teaching work, an increase from the year before.ღ

⇩Katie recalled how the Queen praised them highly after the July 24, 1891 performance, though one of her granddaughters made a comment using a derogatory term as she noted that she did not like people from Africa.☠1206J1000471JFRⓥ"Stroke Ain't No Joke" was the first in what would become a series of hip-hop tracks using the musical genre "to build health literacy and ultimately support behavior change," says Lori Rose Benson, the CEO and executive director of Hip Hop Public Health.◘


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  2. to paraphrase Inigo Montoyo and Freud, sometimes a camel hair coat "[doesn't mean] what you think it means"


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