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CDLL3039B➹"Given these circumstances, it is very disappointing that my client's name has been released and her privacy violated," she added.⇄JANS1N6309C◦The majority of aid distributed to Afghans is done through national and international non-governmental organizations, with the U.N. playing more of a monitoring role, and some assistance is continuing to be delivered, Dujarric said. There are some carve-outs for women staff, but the situation various province by province and is confusing.♣


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ADTA113ZCAQ-7♧Production companies say the model helps them vet a show more fully before committing to a full series. But writers say the practice compresses their contributions and cuts their pay.⇂TBJA105K020LRSB0800★Three McDonald's franchisees are being fined more than $200,000 after breaking federal child labor laws, including employing, but not paying two 10-year-olds, the Department of Labor said Tuesday.¤

▱Known as "Chapitos," El Chapo's sons — Ivan Guzmán Salazar, Alfredo Guzmán Salazar and Ovidio Guzmán López — are among those named in the indictments. Lopez was captured by the Mexican military in Culiacán, Sinaloa, in January. He remains detained in Mexico pending extradition.▇


↔–COMMERCIAL BREAK–♥1210J0100104JCR◇Dozens of videos of people sharing their stories and crying out for help quickly flooded the internet.⇠VJ0805A101KLAAJ32↾The young bandits have told police they were strangers who met for the first time on the "job." The utterly brazen, strangely amateurish robbery bore all the hallmarks of "yami-baito," or black-market part-time jobs, an increasingly lucrative angle for criminal groups allowing them to outsource scams and burglaries to the young, naïve and financially desperate. With the use of yami-baito, it's possible for such gangs to do the crime without doing the time.○GA1206Y562KXEBR31G○And that's how one ends up here — with an official presidential campaign site for the United States of America asking supporters to buy a $32 "dark T-shirt" that the campaign says is "best worn while vanquishing Malarkey."➳

↶On the issue of the Iraqi intelligence officer meeting with the group, the analysts noted that they thought that Iraq's interest was in monitoring the group, not collaborating with it. Iraq did not want Zarqawi and his followers to become a threat to Iraq, nor did it want them to commit a terrorist attack against the West and therefore draw American attention to Iraq.⇜CWR09MC474KC\TR█Most Southern states with the exception of Virginia have implemented restrictions on abortion, including North Carolina, where a Republican supermajority overrode the governor’s veto last week to pass a 12-week ban that significantly narrows the window for legal abortions.웃


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150D104X9035A2TE3☜Texas is now poised to join at least 17 other states that have enacted similar bans.◐C1206X333K2REC7800↑"You're looking at a large number of people that need to be interviewed," Singleton said. "Everyone who was at the unit at the time of the fire, the controllers, management, anybody that called 911."▧


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