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▱All three workers were taken to a hospital, none of them with life-threatening injuries, after part of the courthouse's third floor gave way and the workers tumbled down to the floor below, said Savannah Fire Battalion Chief Wayne Ifill. Everyone else inside the building was accounted for and not injured, he said.♦


➨For months, Biden said he would only sign a "clean" debt limit bill — one that solely lifts the nation's borrowing limit without addressing spending. House Republicans continue to insist that any deal that raises the debt limit must also include spending cuts.♭CWR11MC155KDC➙Pratt, the co-owner of adult websites "GirlsDoPorn" and "GirlsDoToys," and others allegedly took part in an operation from 2012-2019 to recruit young adult women and minors to "engage in commercial sex acts by force, fraud and coercion," the FBI said. He and his co-conspirators allegedly recruited women from around the U.S. and Canada by posting false internet ads for clothed modeling jobs, which the victims later found were pornographic productions, according to the FBI. Among the allegations include women were not allowed to leave shooting locations until the videos were completed, some were allegedly forced to perform sex acts and others were allegedly sexually assaulted, officials said.⇅1PS301,115⇍Holloway suggested last month that a strike by public employees would be "unlawful" and said he hoped "the courts would not have to be called upon to halt to an unlawful strike."✣1825J0250684KXT◘But the initial economic boom Erdogan oversaw stalled years ago, and inflation has soared.☁

➥And while the GOP base continues to have positive feelings toward the former president, Trump has proved toxic with independents and persuadable voters. That's been the case in poll after poll. But beyond polling, Republicans have underperformed in the last three election cycles with Trump-endorsed candidates acting as an albatross for the GOP.①1812Y5000473MER⇈Casiano knew that Texas banned abortions, but she didn't think those laws would apply in a situation where the fetus was certain to die. But the laws do apply. A narrow exception allows for abortions when the mother's life or "a major bodily function" is in imminent danger, but there are no exceptions in Texas law for the diagnosis of a fetal anomaly, no matter how severe. In fact, very few states with abortion bans have such exceptions.➶

ⓥ"This is really important," Eig said, "because we've been teaching kids this quote from the Playboy interview."☣

▨It's a version of throwing things at the wall to see if they stick. And with his base, it's been all Velcro.◈


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VJ0805Q151JEBAI↑NAKHLEH: My name is Emile Nakhleh.❤GCD21BR72A333MA01L☋Photos released by North Korean state media showed the missile to be a previously unknown type of solid-fueled missile, which it described as the Hwasong-18. The photos show the missile lifting off as North Korean leader Kim Jong Un watches on with his young daughter. Experts have geolocated the launch site to a field near the North Korean capital of Pyongyang.⇡


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