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✚Stephane Dujarric, Spokesman for U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, hailed the agreement as "a victory for multilateralism and for global efforts to counter the destructive trends facing ocean health, now and for generations to come."➚

♔Rounding out the visiting crew: Knoxville, Tennessee's John Shoffner, former driver and owner of a sports car racing team that competes in Europe, and chaperone Peggy Whitson, the station's first female commander who holds the U.S. record for most accumulated time in space: 665 days and counting.↑


↶"Our goal has always been to provide the best service for our members but as the business continues to shrink that's going to become increasingly difficult," Sarandos acknowledged in his blog post.♔1N5990UR-1♂The fact that the solutions were tested out in "real-life settings in busy secondary hospitals [which can't provide specialized care]," was also promising, she adds.ぃVJ0805D680KEBAT➛A group of them was brought in the 1980s to Hacienda Nápoles, Escobar's private zoo that became a tourist attraction after his death in 1993. Residents of nearby Puerto Triunfo have become used to hippos sometimes roaming freely about the town.☃CDRH127C/ANP-181MC∎Their real offense, according to Pearson, was they refused to assimilate.┱

▪AM’s decline as a medium has led some in the audio entertainment industry to argue that AM radios might be best relegated to the junk heap of technology, alongside 8-track tapes and cassettes. Although many in the radio business praised Ford’s about-face, some voices in the burgeoning online audio world say the move is only postponing the inevitable.VJ0805D101JXBAJ웃Moscow has accused Ukraine of carrying out previous attacks and sabotage in other parts of Russia, which Ukraine denies.◘


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MLG1005S51NHT000←Other activists who were sitting outside the doors of nearby government buildings ""have been ordered to move and if they don't we will remove them by force,"" said police spokesman Brian Skotnes shortly before officers were seen carrying activists away. They were not arrested."▥VJ1206Y153JXGAT5Z☂Peretti was able to replicate the viral nature of the Nike exchange, building it into a business. But while Peretti managed to wield pockets of control on the internet, the social forces he helped create eventually became too strong for anyone to command.①


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TAP104K050HSB↧"There's a hope that, instead of us having to push all the time, that Germany would take a leadership role," he said.↮1808J0500180JCT◊"America must provide reparations if we desire a prosperous future for all," Bush said.←


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