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☢According to a survey Laird shared, 70% of teachers whose schools use data-tracking software said it was used to discipline students. Schools can stay within the bounds of student record privacy laws, but fail to implement safeguards that protect them from unintended consequences, Laird said.▷RF1S23N06LE♨One resulted from the fact that Saddam in the 1980s, prior to the first Gulf War in the early 90s, did have chemical and biological weapons.  And he did have a program to build nuclear weapons.✄1N5755C➹Bulwa resident Musafiri Balume gave a similar account, saying he had lost a sister in the landslide, which occurred during heavy rains.①SKW20N60FKSA1▧Legal experts expected the Manhattan DA case to be "potentially the weakest" of the investigations, reports NPR's Justice Correspondent Carrie Johnson.♂

☃"There's more to it," Eig said, "but what King actually said was that he disagreed with some of Malcolm's views, maybe with many of them — but that he was aware that his way wasn't the only way. And it sounded like he was much more open to exploring that relationship than the Playboy interview made it out to be."➯VJ0603A181FXBAP▤King Charles and Queen Camilla will receive a royal salute from the United Kingdom and Commonwealth Armed Forces in the Buckingham Palace gardens.▍

﹌British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak tweeted that U.K. armed forces evacuated British diplomatic staff and dependents "amid a significant escalation in violence and threats."☻


↼Many of the families, frustrated by the lack of accountability, have instead turned their focus to changing Texas’s lax gun laws, though thus far, the state legislature has been reluctant to do so. The disappointment with authorities and lawmakers has left them trying to make peace with how little has changed since 19 students and two teachers were killed.↙SR405E225MARTR1➴The Atlantic Council think tank confirmed Herbst showed symptoms that could be those of poisoning in April 2021 but medical tests were inconclusive.◙1812J1K00220JCR♂Attorney General Merrick Garland announced fentanyl trafficking, weapons, and money laundering charges filed in the Southern District of New York, the Northern District of Illinois and Washington, D.C.↝2211YA250270JCTSP✏"An anthill," she says, "constantly in motion."☪

⇩In response to an NPR email for this story seeking comment and requesting details about what in particular might have led to the new designation, the company's press account auto-replied with a poop emoji — a message it has been sending to journalists for weeks.◘VJ0805D201JLAAR↸The United Arab Emirates and China called for a meeting of the U.N. Security Council after Ben-Gvir's visit, and a spokesperson for Germany's foreign ministry said it expected "the new Israeli government to commit to a continuation of the tried and tested practice around the holy sites in Jerusalem and to put a stop to further deliberate provocations."➢

☛Knowles-Carter said Wednesday, "My beloved queen. I love you endlessly. I'm so grateful for your inspiration, and all the ways you have paved the way. You are strength and resilience. You are the epitome of power and passion. We are all so fortunate to have witnessed your kindness and beautiful spirit that will forever remain. Thank you for all you have done."✁


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HZ36-3TA-E☏"Anytime our [legislators] want to demonize a group, they say they are coming for your children. In this case, creating a false narrative that drag queens are grooming and recruiting your children with no factual basis or history to back up these accusations AT ALL!" the statement adds.ぃ511-34J➞Even as the magazine concluded that the story was not true, executives agreed not to release the doorman from the agreement until after the election, prosecutors say, and the payment was "falsely characterized" in AMI's books and records.◎

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