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☞But some scientists say this conclusion is premature, instead arguing for other possible causes, including malnutrition and even the consumption of a toxic mushroom. The stakes are high for the roughly 2,100 nodding syndrome survivors in northern Uganda — and countless others in places where the numbers are even less firm, such as South Sudan. A lack of understanding of the disease's origins could delay current treatment and perhaps even the scientific know-how needed to combat the next nodding syndrome epidemic.Θ


↣It was initially banned in Pakistan after "a campaign accusing the film of inappropriate content," as NPR has reported. But the ban was reversed in much of the country. The movie won multiple prizes at the Cannes Film Festival and was Pakistan's submission for this past March's Academy Awards (although it didn't earn a nomination). Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai signed on as an executive producer. Joyland opened in U.S. theaters in April.⇦D122M20Z5UH6TL2R»That's what Byron Vaughns experienced recently.♣VS-MURB1520TRLPBF▔Hecht added that the military was looking into the reports of damage to the hospital. Residents in Gaza surveyed destruction at the site of a nearby Israeli attack in Gaza City, where an airstrike bore massive holes into the dirt, charred cars and blew out windows.☢CPH6153-TL-E⇃CIA's views on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction were outlined in an October 2002 National Intelligence Estimate or NIE. An NIE is the most authoritative product of the U.S. Intelligence Community.  It is coordinated across the many agencies that make up the Intelligence Community, and it is approved by the head of each one.»

⇁There's a huge disconnect, though, with persuadable voters, making Trump's chances of winning a general election precarious. Just 29% of independents, for example, say he should be president again.↞MA1206XR152K250⇢"It's hard to confuse a koala with any other animals — they're pretty easy to spot," said Jodie Wakeman, veterinary care and clinical director at Friends of the Koala, a nonprofit that runs a wildlife hospital where the koalas are being brought for vaccination.♠

☺""I know that if I crash [the car], you'll keep it in the f-----g edit,"" Adele cracked, steering through Los Angeles traffic while they sang her hit Rolling in the Deep."☂

♘The report referred to Carter as "a celebrity with a known history of substance abuse" who had "multiple interactions with local police relating to the substance abuse." It cited a particular history of inhalant abuse, and a recent relapse.➚


⇔I've seen how people in rural communities show a special sort of resilience and a lasting connection with nature and the universe that go back millennia.⇃CWR09JC226JD\TR❖The vulnerabilities DHS will consider include a physical or mental illness, a disability, pregnancy and the lack of safe housing or shelter in Mexico, according to guidelines in the app. Migrants under the age of 21 or over the age of 70, and those who have been victimized in Mexico, will also be considered for the process.⇇GA1210Y333MBLAR31G☁A Star Wars-themed hotel at Walt Disney World is being shut down about a year after opening, the company announced.0805Y0630103KXT↟Soon after Modi became prime minister in 2014, NDTV's biggest competitor, Network 18, was acquired by Mukesh Ambani, another of Modi's billionaire allies. Since then, Ambani has become the boss of more than 70 outlets across the country, with a combined weekly audience of at least 800 million viewers.▣

▧"With those questions guiding us, fire hazards and carbon monoxide hazards emerged as the areas with the most need," Galbo says.▐CDR31BP330BJUM\M500▮Medicare spent $900.8 billion providing health coverage to 64 million beneficiaries in 2021. But the program loses as much as $90 billion a year to fraudulent claims. Some of the more well-known scams have involved medical equipment like power wheelchairs.♣


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