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↞"They didn't even say, 'Let me see.' They said, 'Absolutely, if his case is something we can treat, we want him here as soon as possible,'" Wasserson told CBS MoneyWatch.✍8532R-11K↬The report says changes adopted in 2019 that exempted all but the biggest banks from strict scrutiny — along with a cultural shift towards less-assertive policing of banks — allowed problems at Silicon Valley Bank to fester until it was too late.➫VJ0603A820JXCAP↔In 1974, however, Douglas was incapacitated by a stroke and eventually persuaded to retire the following year. He and his fourth wife were honored at the White House by Ford, by then the president, who said he hoped "bygones would be bygones."❉FA18C0G1H391JNU00★There was a lot of baggage that I hadn't been able to sift through from high school, middle school or elementary school that I needed to process. In order to do that, I needed to publicly talk about it and archive everything I went through.☃

♐The Jeep was far from shore, about 40 feet out in the water from Woody's Camp Boat Ramp. The fisherman who called the authorities stuck around, using his boat to help a tow-truck worker get out to the Jeep and hook up a tow cable, Rogers said.▌1206Y6300181MXT↠The three labor organizations — the Rutgers Adjunct Faculty Union, which represents part-time lecturers; the AAUP-AFT, which represents full-time faculty, graduate workers, postdoctoral associates and counselors; and the AAUP-BHSNJ, which represents faculty in the health and sciences departments — announced the strike on Sunday.☻

┲Dudnik says he lives, with permission, in a neighbor's apartment that is much less damaged. He sleeps on a couch in the kitchen, warmed by a wood stove. Tonight two friends — Natasha Slyusarenko and Denys Bezuglyy — are there, too. Their apartment building has collapsed, so they stay at different friends' homes every few weeks. They give Dudnik a box of cookies and make themselves some tea.♩


⇗"Even if it doesn't prevent infection...vaccination makes getting and spreading impacts less likely, and may decrease the chances of severe illness, hospitalization and death," says Daskalakis.✍SCRH124B-470ˍThe government is aggressively building up its defense capability in southwestern Japan in response to China's increasingly assertive military activity in the region, including Taiwan.✪1808Y2500121FFT➡Ellsberg did just that. On June 13, 1971, the first story ran atop the front page.☎1210Y6306P80BCT☂Team officials announced this week that they had finalized the agreement to buy a 49-acre site just west of the Las Vegas Strip and hope to play there beginning in 2027. "We realize this is a difficult day for our Oakland fans and community," the team said in a statement.↤

⇅Kathryn Wade marched up to the microphone in the city council chambers before the meeting had even started with something to say. Wade is no stranger to the City Council in Antioch, Calif. She's been coming here to talk and yell about the Antioch Police Department (APD) and their treatment of Black people for the past decade, since she was just one of a small handful of residents speaking up.ღCR05AS-8-BT14#F01⇙And for decades, organizations including the American Medical Association, the American Red Cross and numerous LGBTQ+ advocacy groups have called for a rule change.♙


☞Evidence indicates at least one of the handguns had been altered for rapid fire, he said. "Witnesses said it sounded like a machine gun."✍QJ6006DH3RP↨Attorneys for the first-term lawmaker sued in state district court in Helena on behalf of Zephyr, a transgender Democrat who represents a liberal district in the college town of Missoula, and several constituents who the attorneys said were being denied their right to adequate representation.◫1206Y2500470FFR☣The heavy crown was placed on Charles' head as he held two golden rods — one in each hand — as he sat silently upon a 700-year-old wooden throne. Archbishop Welby shouted "God Save the King," and those gathered responded in kind, before thundering trumpet fanfare.☊GJM0335C2A5R4BB01JΘThere are different kinds of turbulence, and it's hard to pinpoint what caused the extreme conditions that rocked Weisse's flight. In an email, Alaska Airlines acknowledged "unexpected turbulence" on the flight. But researchers say there's evidence that a particularly unpredictable type known as "clear-air turbulence" is becoming more frequent, says Paul Williams, a professor of atmospheric science at the University of Reading in England.✄

Cavanagh said he was "disappointed to share this news" in a separate statement signed by himself and Comcast CEO Brian L. Roberts, the son of the Philadelphia-based company's founder. "We built this company on a culture of integrity," Roberts and Cavanagh wrote. "You should count on your leaders to create a safe and respectful workplace."☆C0805C131J3HAC7800⊟"Police later confirmed the 4Runner was stolen and the driver was the same in both incidents.✯


❤"Don't groan, pass legislation," Wood told the lawmakers in attendance.☌0603Y0500473KXT♦REUDA At the end of the day, I remember there was a situation where Secretary Rumsfeld confronted agency briefers and said, what makes you use the term insurgency? We don't think there's an insurgency. And the briefer said, well, we're using the Defense Department definition of insurgency and outlined that definition.☛2220Y1K00183KDT♠"The Islamic Republic's unjust detentions, forced confessions, sham trials and politically motivated executions must end," he wrote online.▥CDR33BP302AKZMAT◤The goal was to persuade the international community that the threat of a Russian attack was real. CIA Director William Burns has made multiple visits to Ukraine and spoken about the ongoing intelligence sharing between the two countries.◐

♟Neely shouted that he was fed up, that he didn't care if he went to prison and that he was ready to die, Vazquez wrote. Neely then took off his jacket and aggressively threw it on the subway-car floor, but did not appear to want to attack anyone, according to the journalist. Then, a white 24-year-old passenger on the train put Neely in a headlock and held him in the position for 15 minutes, Vazquez said. Two other bystanders also stepped in to help the man restrain Neely.☜1825Y2500683KXR↦Landlord Rob Treat, of Salida, bought the property in February 2022 for nearly half a million dollars. Getting arsenic within federal standards has been difficult, he says, because arsenic levels fluctuate when nearby farmers tap the aquifer to irrigate their crops. Treat was using chlorine to convert one kind of arsenic into a more treatable form. But if he added too much chlorine, he says, that created its own toxic byproducts, which have also flagged regulators' attention.↴

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