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GMA05XR60J104ME12T▣Then there are the former students who stood by as they witnessed the fatal beating and humiliation of their former teacher, Bian Zhongyun. Decades later, Song Binbin, one of the students, decides to publicly apologize for her complicity in her teacher's death. She bows in front of a memorial statue for her teacher, tears glistening in her eyes. The reader feels a moment of hope; perhaps this is a turning point in the bleak, multigenerational suffering Branigan has eloquently narrated so far.⊡K333K15X7RF53L2♞Ellsberg was eventually charged with violating the Espionage Act and the sum total of the charges against him threatened a total jail term of 115 years. But in the meantime, the orders against the newspapers went to the Supreme Court on an expedited basis that June. The justices voted 6-3 to say "prior restraint" of publication required the government to meet a high test of necessity and irreparable harm — a test the court said had not been meant. The Times resumed publishing on July 1.↸


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C0603C102K1GECAUTO⇢Since then, Zelenskyy has requested an audience with Xi but has been skeptical of the proposal, given Beijing's close ties with Moscow. Washington essentially dismissed the proposal, saying China was not a neutral arbiter in this conflict.✿VJ1206A680GXEAC◊That's the case at Atrium Health Navicent, which operates hospitals across central Georgia, said Delvecchio Finley, its president. The health system was one of a handful to hire certified law enforcement officers before the new law.●

◐The remarks on China come at a time of deep tension and growing mistrust between Washington and Beijing, and are largely in line with broader Biden administration policies toward China — which the Chinese government has chafed at.♦


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1825J6K00330KCR↹At least 64 people, including eight children, died when their overcrowded wooden boat slammed into the shoals just a few hundred meters off Italy's Calabrian coast and broke apart early Sunday in rough seas. Eighty people survived, but dozens more are feared dead since survivors indicated the boat had carried about 170 people when it set off last week from Izmir, Turkey."➳P1812-183J☍"It's not a business-as-usual macro economy right now," New York Federal Reserve Bank president John Williams said Tuesday. "There's just a lot of churn, if you will, going on in supply and demand."▥

↡The herd had been crossing the Lamar River on Saturday evening when the calf got separated from its mother on the river bank, according to a press release from the agency. A man observing the scene approached the animal with apparent rescue intentions.♦


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