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◘McCarthy explained his largesse by telling troopers that he wanted to "gift" the money — roughly $200,000, he estimated. Authorities said there was no way to confirm how much dough McCarthy tossed.◙0805J5001P00HQT✪"I'm so used to being involved in drawing and knowing so many people that do it, that I don't see the magic of it," Jaffee told the publication Graphic NYC in 2009. "If you reflect and think about it, I'm sitting down and suddenly there's a whole big illustration of people that appears. I'm astounded when I see magicians work; even though I know they're all tricks. You can imagine what someone thinks when they see someone drawing freehand and it's not a trick. It's very impressive."➷1812JA258P20DCTSY2❄"This is a very sad day for a lot of friends and colleagues," wrote MTV News' Josh Horowitz on Instagram, "Many great people lost their jobs. I was hired by MTV News 17 years ago. I'm so honored to have been a small part of its history. Wishing the best for the best in the business."▨ECK-NTS103MF▪In his concession speech to supporters in Green Lake, Wis., Kelly had sharp words for Protasiewicz, saying she had "demeaned the judiciary" with her campaign.♜

▶REUDA At the end of the day, I remember there was a situation where Secretary Rumsfeld confronted agency briefers and said, what makes you use the term insurgency? We don't think there's an insurgency. And the briefer said, well, we're using the Defense Department definition of insurgency and outlined that definition.❈CZRQR52C6V2-HF◊Prominent Sudanese filmmaker Amjad Abual-Ala wrote on Facebook that his mother, siblings and nephews "are on the road from Sudan to Cairo through Aswan," referring to Egypt's southernmost city.☪


♀Children and adults stopped to stare at them in the streets. One press review described them as: "Black as black could be, but ... of gentle manners and charming address."➞1812J0500151KFT⇒This story is a collaboration from NPR's Station Investigations Team, which supports local investigative journalism, and New Hampshire Public Radio. Nate Hegyi left the Mountain West News Bureau for New Hampshire Public Radio in February 2022.♚150D105X0010A2BE3♂VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis has decided to give women the right to vote at an upcoming meeting of bishops, an historic reform that reflects his hopes to give women greater decision-making responsibilities and laypeople more say in the life of the Catholic Church.✡06035C152J4T4A▥"By using physiological and psychological methods, they broke my will, drove me to madness and forced me to do whatever they wanted," Akbari said in the audio. "By the force of gun and death threats they made me confess to false and corrupt claims."⇅

◇The indictment includes a separate $150,000 payment to another woman who allegedly had an intimate relationship with Trump. Former Playboy model Karen McDougal is not named in the charges but she has talked openly about that experience in interviews.▔1N2996B☠In January of 2022, the committee approved posting a statement to the district's website that partly read, "Forsyth County Schools' media centers provide resources that reflect all students within each school community. If you come across a book that does not match your family's values and/or beliefs, and you would prefer that your child does not check that book out, please discuss it with your child."▲


♕Story produced by Jon Carras and Sabina Castelfranco. Editor: Emanuel Secci.✍GRM033R71C111KA01J⇏Rose Friedman and Ciera Crawford contributed to earlier versions of this story.➘511-34H✡Shearer told NBC affiliate KXAN that once the girls saw he had a gun "they tried to speed off and he shot ... five times or so into the car."❈C921U270JYNDAAWL35The clashes are part of a power struggle between Gen. Abdel-Fattah Burhan, the commander of the armed forces, and Gen. Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo, the head of the Rapid Support Forces group. The two generals are former allies who jointly orchestrated an October 2021 military coup that derailed Sudan's short-lived transition to democracy.→

◐MARGARET BRENNAN: Your own security. Are you concerned?⇗BD135TG▬The Senate passed a version of the measure setting the fee at $50. But the House Finance Committee amended it last week to delete the dollar amount. Chair Kyle Yamashita, a Democrat, said the bill was "a work in progress."❁


△At the same time, companies such as Disney, Warner Bros. Discovery, Amazon and Netflix says with profit losses, they've had to lay off thousands of studio employees.♥SQCBEA102MATME♧For the opposition candidate to make good on those pledges, Ozel adds, "I suppose this also implies that he will bring some people to justice, if the evidence is very strong about embezzlement and other corrupt activities."◥IPI80N04S204AKSA1✿Moscow denies its secret services were responsible.⚘T350K226K035AT7301∎Nima Momeni, 38, was booked on suspicion of murder, San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott said during a news conference. He was taken into custody Thursday morning in Emeryville, a San Francisco suburb.⇕

↠In a lawsuit filed in federal court in Texas last year, a coalition of anti-abortion health care providers and medical groups asks a judge to overturn the Food and Drug Administration's approval of mifepristone and remove it from the market. Mifepristone was first approved in 2000 for use in combination with another medication, misoprostol, to induce some first-trimester abortions. It's also used to treat miscarriages and for other gynecological purposes.☆2225J0500273KFR→"The fast foods don't help at all, and a lot of people just eat it every day, and that's a problem. It truly is," Weaver says. "But we have programs to help them. We even have a program where we take patients to the grocery store and we teach them what to buy."♜


➤The document says that justices seek to abide by the code of conduct followed by the lower courts. That said, it makes a variety of exceptions to transparency rules in the name of security and for other reasons.∴SISA18ADN-T1-GE3♥In the new lawsuit, GenBioPro objects to the FDA's interpretation of that decision and asks a federal court to force the FDA to preserve access. The company says its generic form of the drug accounts for about two-thirds of mifepristone sold in the United States.⇓562R10TSQ33JQ➴More than 300 anti-LGBTQ+ bills were filed in 2022 during state legislative sessions. However, only 29 of those bills were signed into law.☪SMP1320-075LF▦This is the first No. 1 pick for the Spurs since 1997, when they chose Tim Duncan — who helped the team become a perennial playoff contender and rack up five NBA championships, as Texas Public Radio notes.■

☠Footage posted on social media appeared to show Graham Smith, the chief executive of the group, being arrested by police alongside five other demonstrators wearing T-shirts that read "Not My King."▧C1206C361K8HACAUTO☏During the closure, Wawona, Crane Flat area and Hetch Hetchy will be open. Mariposa Grove will be open, but only via hike. Western Yosemite Valley will be open, but no services will be available, and parking will be limited and visitors cannot park off-road, the park said.▶

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