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✪Tallahassee Classical School is a charter school that opened in 2020 and is affiliated with a conservative Christian college, Hillsdale College. The school's board chair Barney Bishop told CBS News that David is taught to students every year, but the administration notifies parents first and this year, a letter was not sent out.♢


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RDER71H155K2M1C03A☀After being presented to the audience and repeatedly proclaimed as king, Charles swore a series of oaths that relate to his responsibilities in this new role.▏1808J1000220FCR➲"Congress must move quickly. Many AI experts have pointed out that the government must have a role in how this technology enters our lives. Even leaders of the industry say they welcome regulation," Schumer said on the Senate floor on Thursday. "So if we are to fulfill our role properly, our approach to AI must be fast-moving. We can't move so fast that we do flawed legislation, but there's no time for waste or delay or sitting back."↘


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W3L1YC474MAT3AAs the declaration emphasizes U.S. commitments to defend South Korea, Seoul will in return reaffirm its commitment to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty.❥SIA450DJ-T1-GE3▥As the opioid epidemic has shifted to fentanyl and other synthetic opioids, researchers in the pharmaceutical industry and the U.S. government saw a new role for the drug.❥


❧Does the trio's Nigerian roots change the picture? Not much — though like many children of immigrants, they are under added pressure from their parents to "tick the boxes" — top grades in school, professional success, good marriages and children. Here, the women are clearly acting out against such expectations. As for the husband, he is a dutiful, loving son, pleased with his privileged life. He's blandness personified. Temi, a brilliant student, rebelled early, insisting on being her own person. But she needed an acolyte. She freed her meek friend from parental control and took her under her wing — where she expected her to stay.◇TLZ12C-GS08◐Wood, who majored in broadcast journalism at Florida A&M University before entering comedy, turned sincere in his defense of media. But, he said, much of the public can't afford some of the media's "most essential, fair and nuanced reporting" — a lot of which is paywalled.▒0603J0630392KDT♧"Haha that would [be] sickkk," Musk said.❖1206Y1K00391GCT◩A U.S. official told CBS News on Friday that the balloon was "not moving very fast."❧

⊠In April, a group of state attorneys general called for a national recall of the affected vehicles, saying the thefts are creating a "safety crisis" on U.S. roads, but so far the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration hasn't initiated one.➡TLZ27A-GS08▥He has been a fugitive since 2019 after a federal arrest warrant was issued for Pratt in the U.S. District Court, Southern District of California in November of that year. The FBI put him on the most wanted list in September and offered a reward of up to $100,000 for information leading to his arrest.¤

┲So often in war, the buildings that have been damaged are the most visible. But what about the invisible damage? The human, less-deadly, far-deeper scars?↔


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