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↫Otoo and other families have long administered drugs to reduce the aggressiveness of their children's seizures and epilepsy, including carbamazepine, phenytoin, and phenobarbital. They also rely on folic acid and other supplements to help replenish patients' health, given the effect of the disease on their brains and bodies. Nevertheless, these families are merely treating the symptoms and still don't have clear insight into nodding syndrome's origin.↯


♡Santa Fe District Attorney Mary Carmack-Altwies says her office is pursuing justice in the death of Hutchins and wants to show that no one is above the law when it comes to firearms and public safety. She says the Ukrainian-born cinematographer's death was tragic and preventable.⊡GA0805Y273KXBBP31G▧The lawyers met as the anti-vaccine movement is at a crossroads. The COVID-19 pandemic brought in new energy and supporters but is fading from public life. On May 11, the federal government's public health emergency will expire. To keep the cause alive, some in the movement are trying to build up a legal arm.◆0805J0160124MDT→"Y'all better go back to shipping out DVDs that was more your speed," another person said.▓2220Y1K00681GFT⇠As for Jho Low, the Malaysian now believed to be in China, DiCaprio said they met at an extravagant birthday party in Las Vegas. They met repeatedly for other celebrations. Once, DiCaprio flew to Australia with Low, Michel and a large group of other celebrities to celebrate New Year's Eve — first in Australia, and then in a return to Las Vegas, to try to catch the moment twice as the time zones changed.☪

☇Pressed by reporters on the issue, Zelenskyy said: "We don't attack Russian territory, we liberate our own legitimate territory."↑T95S475K6R3HZSL▨In those early weeks, abortion would be allowed only in cases of rape, incest or medical emergency, such as ectopic pregnancy.↘


♞"It was planned obsolescence, but our bet was that it would take longer for it to happen than most people thought at the time," Randolph said in an interview with The Associated Press last year across the street from the Santa Cruz post office where he mailed the Patsy Cline CD. Hastings replaced Randolph as Netflix's CEO a few years after its inception, a job he didn't relinquish until stepping down in January.↩C907U270JYSDBAWL20▶"An investigation has been opened. The probe is ongoing," he said, declining to provide further details.»1206Y0160183JDT⇦Thanks for listening.  I'm Michael Morell.  Please join us again next week for another epidosde of Intelligence Matters.⚘TAZE106K015LRSZ0H23♧Biden said he expected to speak to McCarthy on Air Force One. "My guess is he's gonna want to deal directly with me in making sure we're all on the same page," Biden said.➮

★(CROSSTALK)◎GA1206Y102KBXBR31G✏If found guilty of those charges, the man could face up to six months in jail and a $5,000 fine, Warthin told NPR.✪


↩Three victims emerged from the school with a pulse but later died. For teacher Eva Mireles, 44, and Lopez, 10, critical resources were not available when medics expected they would be, delaying hospital treatment, an investigation by The Post, the Texas Tribune and ProPublica found last year. Another student, Cazares, 9, likely survived for more than an hour after being shot and died in an ambulance.♦RL895-223K-RC➙On Tuesday, President Biden will commence a round of talks with the top leaders of the two parties in the two chambers of Congress. The sole topic will be the U.S. debt limit and the latest round in Washington's perennial crisis over raising its self-imposed limit on its borrowing.⇕121NQ045-1☪Within a decade, he was performing with some of the biggest names in music, from Taylor Swift to the Rolling Stones, 50 Cent to Eric Clapton.↟CDR33BX104AKURAT¤Writers and production companies are grappling with how to reconcile drastically different ideas of how the media business should handle streaming platforms. It's a new version of their perennial disagreement over residual payments — the money that writers get when their material is reused. And compared to the last big strike, which lasted from 2007 to 2008, new players are involved.☢

➪Malani does believe that too much worry is not good for you: Fear of COVID or severe anxiety out of proportion to risk can lead to depression and other mental health concerns, says Malani.▎VJ0805D331GXXAJ▦Parker hopes this will be turning point for legislators to enact laws that will meaningfully keep children safe. For now, Parker said she is taking it a day at a time and focusing on her daughter.▫

○A federal court challenge from TikTok is expected well before then, likely teeing up a legal brawl that supporters of the law in Montana say could eventually wind up in front of the U.S. Supreme Court.❧

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