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◊Iranian state television aired a highly edited video of Akbari discussing the allegations, footage that resembled other claimed confessions that activists have described as coerced confessions.¤2225J2000681KFT▶The high-profile case, which pits an artist's freedom to riff on existing works of art against the protection of an artist from copyright infringement, hinges on whether Warhol's images of Prince transform Goldsmith's photograph to a great enough degree to stave off claims of copyright infringement and therefore be considered as "fair use." Under copyright law, fair use permits the unlicensed appropriation of copyright-protected works in specific circumstances, for example, in some non-commercial or educational cases.➨C333C224K5R5TA▮The U.S. government declared Gershkovich "wrongfully detained" about a week ago, meaning a designated office within the U.S. State Department will lead efforts to secure his release.➟1210Y0500473JDR□The government announced a 24-hour deadline for Khan to hand over the wanted individuals, which expired on Thursday at 2 p.m. Pakistan time (5 a.m. ET). As that deadline passed, Khan invited journalists to his sweeping compound to film whatever would happen.✄

◘In recent years, it's faced allegations of improperly close ties to the Conservative Party, which controls the UK government and the BBC budget.❏1206J2000820JQT☺A simultaneous airstrike on Bahtini's home in eastern Gaza City killed two teenage sisters living in the apartment next door, the rights group said.☺


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1330-22J➢"Information suggests that an altercation occurred in the parking lot of HEB, and multiple shots were fired into a vehicle," police say, adding that two of the people inside were hit.ⓥCDRH3D16/HPNP-330MC➛""I never thought a PBGV would do this,"" handler and co-owner Janice Hayes said, referring to the acronym for the dog breed. ""Buddy Holly is the epitome of a show dog."""➦

✚Thornton replied that was true.▦


▷People can even be fired for being seen as overweight because it isn't a protected category under the federal worker protection agency the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.웃RCE5C1H273J2DBH03A◨The tornado touched down around 3:30 a.m. and moved through a rural area of Bollinger County, about 50 miles (80 kilometers) south of St. Louis, said Sgt. Clark Parrott of the Missouri State Highway Patrol.↡12065G104MAT2A⇩The weapon used to carry out the mass shooting at an outlet shopping mall in Allen, Texas, on Saturday that left eight people dead and seven others injured is one all too familiar to Americans and lawmakers who have witnessed mass shootings occur again and again.➜C907U222MYVDCA7317■MUMBAI — Aruna Desai still remembers the distress call that came in the middle of the night in September.◎

□Similar clinics operate in New York City and in cities across Canada. People use street drugs under medical supervision and are given help if they overdose. In many cases they're also connected with health care services and counseling.▇GA1206A100KXLBP31G▢"Through the investigation, it was found that the SUV ran a red light, lost control, flipped on its side and struck a total of 18 individuals," he said.♛

✪And for decades, organizations including the American Medical Association, the American Red Cross and numerous LGBTQ+ advocacy groups have called for a rule change.↳


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