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0505J0630120FQT⊙"I hope today's arrest can begin a process of healing and closure for all those touched by this tragedy," Matt Dorsey, another San Francisco supervisor, tweeted Thursday morning.⇦0819R-06H▮Pride Month takes place in June, though some of the items were already on sale.⇐


♣As in previous years, Erdogan led a highly divisive campaign in his bid to stretch his rule into a third decade. He portrayed Kilicdaroglu, who had received the backing of the country's pro-Kurdish party, of colluding with "terrorists" and of supporting what he called "deviant" LGBTQ rights. In a bid to woo voters hit hard by inflation, he increased wages and pensions and subsidized electricity and gas bills, while showcasing Turkey's homegrown defense industry and infrastructure projects.◈CGA5F1X7T2J153M085AC♦In all, four of the nearly 200 officers who responded from state and local agencies were fired after superiors found they made critical mistakes, according to public announcements. Four resigned, two of whom had loved ones who were killed that day. Nearly 190 federal officers, the majority from U.S. Border Patrol, were also on hand, but those agencies have denied several public records requests by The Post seeking information on their employment status.☇BZX84C6V2-7-F-31▧Mohammad added in agreement. "We cannot work effectively without our sisters, and the Taliban are taking advantage of this," he says.♣VJ1206A120JXAMR➥The United Nations has been evacuating aid workers together with other foreign nationals, including Americans, by land — a journey of more than 500 miles to the Port of Sudan. U.S. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said the U.S. will help facilitate the rest of their travels.▶

➥"It's so easy to see someone who seems left out and alone and notice them, say hello to them, be kind to them," Price explained. "And my realization was [that] that is a gift that we can all give."ⓛNTE56049■"WHO has now instilled in us some level of courage to say that we have overcome the virus, though it may not be fully," she says. "But we trust in their announcement."◙


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0805J0500821KCT♐So far, the drug has only been shown to be effective in mice, but it's a discovery that could help prevent deaths from poisoning by death caps and by many other poisonous mushroom species found around the world.QCCP501Q2R1C1GV002T▶Panicked parents and other citizens of Twin Falls immediately seized on the videos and comments and took them as fact. Outside the school, even after law enforcement officers told parents the school was clear and there was no shooter, they claimed they had seen footage of the carnage or they pointed to texts from their kids who, in the chaos and confusion, reported hearing gunshots.♠


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C1210C563J8JACAUTO↟"The fact that the ring width is smaller by about a factor of two is incredibly exciting," says Medeiros.◦V15P12-M3/I➭He said he had been intending to create an account following Florida's government jet and eventually got around to it, given the buzz around the expected Republican presidential hopeful.➷

✐Confirmed cases have already been reported across the border in Mozambique, while the WHO said it assessed the current risk of spread inside Malawi and to other neighboring countries as "very high."▦


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