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▒The U.S. Supreme Court outlawed split-jury verdicts for people accused of serious crimes in the landmark 2020 ruling Ramos v. Louisiana, righting a historical wrong propelled more than a century ago by white supremacy and xenophobic fervor. But the decision only applied to open cases and convictions that were under appeal at the time of the ruling. The justices left it to Oregon and Louisiana to decide whether to apply the decision retroactively and give inmates like Miller a second chance.⇣

◥The victims’ families shared similar sentiments in the Linn County courtroom on Monday.▨

↵"You never know how that's going to change someone's life or help someone within your own community feel seen," Rivers said.◩


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1210GA560KAT1A◘"We're living through one of the most consequential eras of our history with fundamental questions about the stake for our nation," he told the crowd at Capital One Arena in Washington, D.C. "Who are we? What do we stand for? What do we believe? Who will we be? You're going to help answer those questions."▣FSBM10SM60AColorado has the sixth-highest suicide rate in the country, with nearly 1,400 in 2021, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A RAND Corporation analysis of four studies found that waiting periods are linked to lower suicide-by-gun deaths.☟


↷Moscow's announcement comes a day after the U.S. military released a declassified 42-second video showing a Russian Su-27 fighter jet approaching the back of the U.S. drone and releasing fuel as it passes in a maneuver that appeared to be aimed at blinding the drone's optical instruments to drive it from the area.☋CR43-8R2MC♂The lunch menu with the date Feb. 24 — the day that Russia invaded — was still hanging on the wall, advertising the buckwheat soup and cabbage that was never served. A chess game was frozen mid-match, waiting for someone to make the next move.↕1812Y1000331FAR▒Social media accounts that appear to belong to Garcia showcase neo-Nazi and white supremacist views. His victims were mostly people of Korean and Indian descent.←2225J2000125MXR✄Status: Withdrawn by bill sponsor▨

➚"As a permanent member of the UN Security Council and a responsible major country, China would not sit idly by, nor would it add oil to the fire, still less exploit the situation for self gains," the Chinese government said. "No matter how the international landscape changes, China is willing to work with the Ukrainian side to move forward the mutually beneficial cooperation between the two countries."☼1812J0100101GCT▣"Boomers are about 20% 'nones' and Gen Z is about 45% 'nones,' so you're just seeing this kind of slow wave sweep across America," says Burge, who is himself a pastor with the American Baptist Church. He believes about a third of the country's 350,000 Christian congregations are "on the brink of extinction."⊙

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