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◎COWAN: The government's chief science advisor wasted little time, arguing that Iraq has given the UN every shred of information it has about its weapons program. But if that's still not enough, he offered to let the CIA into Iraq to see for itself░CKR05BX330KMVTR2☀Meanwhile, Phoenix-based Western Alliance said 74% of its deposits were insured — meaning they were $250,000 or less. It added that among its 20 largest depositors, almost 90% of their deposits are insured.☜CAS18C390JAGFC☻A growing body of research shows money problems are a possible warning sign — rather than just the fallout — of certain neurological disorders. This includes a 2020 study from Johns Hopkins University of more than 81,000 Medicare beneficiaries which found that people with Alzheimer's and related dementias started to develop subprime credit up to six years before a formal diagnosis.✄04025C102MBT2A☼Those improvements happened consistently among Black and Hispanic patients, who have higher rates of diabetes.ⓥ

☠WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden said Monday that his top domestic policy adviser, Susan Rice, will leave her post next month.▒0805J0160821GFR♣He also captured the bark:░


❒"I've received many, many phone calls or emails" of support for the Warriors logo, she acknowledges, but also "at least as many Native folks have said, that ... we still don't appreciate it."✌RHEL81H331K0DBH03A→Samantha Casiano is 29 years old. She and Villasana are raising four kids, and a goddaughter who lives with them. Their youngest is 9 months old. They live in East Texas in a mobile home.♤C1206C621F8HAC7800↷But the strength of the job market is a mixed blessing, since rising wages can also contribute to higher prices. Average hourly wage growth accelerated in April to 4.4%.◄1206J1500751GQT➲One of the more punitive provisions is that the legislation makes it a crime not to report someone suspected of participating in same-sex acts to the police.♀

✍Overall, UConn is a 7.5 point favorite over San Diego State to win, according to FanDuel Sportsbook.☪HS3JB R5G⇆Those lawsuits aimed, in part, to recover health care costs for smoking-related illnesses. Medicaid, a public insurance program for people with low incomes or disabilities, was a leading payer. Since Medicaid is jointly funded by the U.S. and state governments, federal authorities had a right to some of the settlement money.•

①The Fifth Circuit's decision drew rebuke from Vice President Kamala Harris on Tuesday. It "second-guesses the agency's medical experts," she said. "If this decision stands, no medication — from chemotherapy drugs, to asthma medicine, to blood pressure pills, to insulin — would be safe from attacks."


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SR591C103KAATR1↥A White House official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity about these closed-door negotiations, told NPR the negotiators took a pause Friday afternoon and said both sides have to negotiate in good faith and recognize they won't get everything they want.↔RCE5C1H1R0C0M1H03A☟Thornton said five of the six defendants admitting being at the party and firing guns. The sixth suspect did not admit being there, but the co-defendants said he was there and fired a gun, Thornton said. The investigator said at least five of the six met after the party at a parking lot in a nearby city.£

¤Personnel who realized he appeared limp and lifeless eventually began resuscitation efforts, the video showed.£


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