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▽The video spread quickly on social media, where commenters have called it "scandalous," "disgusting" and "abusive." At least one tweet containing the video shows it's been viewed more than 4.1 million times.⇄


▄Heidi Smith, the marketing director of Ivy Creek Healthcare, which runs a hospital in Dadeville, said the hospital treated at least 15 gunshot victims.▬HBZ102MBBCF0KR♨A 12-year-old is charged with murder in the shooting of a Sonic restaurant employee in Texas last weekend, according to police.⇆1008-018K♡Olga can't look to the past — she recently learned that her family house in Avdiivka was destroyed in fighting. Others who still have a place to return to face an uneasy choice between safety and home. Many choose the latter or vacillate, setting themselves up for repeated displacement.のPTHF200R-30SM☚Here's a quick guide to what's different about this strike:✥

⇗Sheeran appeared self deprecating as he told his story, saying: "I can't read music. I'm not classically trained in anything."↥BYM07-50HE3/83♖23. ""Pale Blue Dot"" — Carl Sagan (1994)█

❣Gouveia is co-founder of Livelab, a group based out of Brazil that uses games to mobilize large crowds to solve intractable problems.✥


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VS-95PFR40W✥The families alleged that the companies did more than passively provide platforms for communication. Rather, they contended that by recommending ISIS videos to those who might be interested, the internet platforms were seeking to get more viewers and increase their ad revenue, even though they knew that ISIS was using their services as a recruitment tool.☠C315C911JAG5TA↧The Sweet 16 birthday, at a dance studio just off the town square, was in full swing when gunfire erupted. Investigators have not discussed a motive or what they believe led to the shooting.√

▐Last month, NPR effectively quit Twitter after Musk applied a label to the news organization's account that falsely suggested it was state-controlled. Other public media organizations, including PBS and the Canadian Broadcasting Corp., followed suit and stopped tweeting following similar labeling.ⓥ


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