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↔The U.S. charges include a wide range of financial crimes, including lying and theft and misappropriating donor money for personal gain. He is also accused of wrongfully claiming unemployment benefits.☻2220Y4K00181JCT⇃"The cost of living was so extremely high in trying to raise my grandson that I just got behind," she says.↰0603J0500330GQT▥"She was never tried in the court of man," Gordon said. "But I think she was judged by God, and his wrath is more punitive than any judgement or penalty she could have gotten in a courtroom. I don't think she had a pleasant or happy life."•TYS60451R8N-10↔Blauer says she's also concerned that the nation's public health system was reverting to pre-pandemic standards. Under the new changes, state and local health departments are no longer required to report certain COVID data to the federal government.⏎

⇨He has also received strong support and, as The Washington Post reports, even advice from Trump ally Steve Bannon.➻C1206X683J2REC7800↕At least eight officers were on the scene and saw Chauvin's knee on Pope's neck while Pope begged him to take it off, according to the complaint.♛

♠"It was on my list to do, and with all the things going on, I thought it would be good to bring transparency there to everybody and bring my abilities for everyone else to see where the jet is going," Sweeney said.✂


⇚Since April, over 500 people have been killed and about 4,500 others have been injured by the conflict, a Sudanese agency said, though true figures may be far higher. More than 100,000 people have fled the country, while those who have stayed reported running out of food and water in the midst of the fighting.✪3094-223FS☋Fort Lee, the U.S. Army's Virginia garrison named after the slave-holding leader of Confederate forces during the Civil War, became Fort Gregg-Adams on Thursday in a ceremony that renamed the base after two Black officers whose struggles paved the way for a more inclusive military.⇧RL262-682J-RC❈It would allow the FDA's original approval of mifepristone to remain in place, the panel said, finding that the statute of limitations to challenge it had likely passed in the 23 years since that approval was first issued.150D683X9075A2TE3♀Dudnik appears at a window which looks recently repaired. "Over here!"♜

➲Griner was arrested last year at the airport in Moscow on drug-related charges and detained for nearly 10 months, much of that time in prison. Her plight unfolded at the same time Russia invaded Ukraine and further heightened tensions between Russia and the U.S., ending only after she was freed in exchange for the notorious Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout.♗CKC18C822MWGAC7800▣This may sound cynical but I am being earnest: What gives me peace of mind when gloom is looming is to remember that in 5 billion years, the sun will become a red giant and Earth will cease to exist. With that perspective, it puts me more at peace that, for example, salmon may go extinct in my lifetime. It seems less critical to save them (and every other species) knowing that all species will one day share the same fate. (For the record, I hope salmon make it.) -Andrew Murphy, Crescent City, Calif.☾


↔Ukraine has argued it needs more weapons as it anticipates Russia's forces launching a new offensive in the spring.↕SR211C222KARTR2↺Ford spokesman Alan Hall had said earlier this month that because most AM stations also offer their programming online or on FM sister stations, the automaker would continue to “offer these alternatives for customers to hear their favorite AM radio music and news as we remove [AM] from most new and updated models.” The 2024 Mustang was to have been Ford’s first internal combustion model to be marketed without AM.✍IXTP160N075T➟"She emailed me back, and she forwarded this email from an underwriter. ... The first sentence in [the email] said, 'We will not write this risk due to drag,'" Mabry said.█RB521S-30U9JTE61➭You're saying that the disability is not the person, but it's the structures in our world that impede certain individuals with respect to others.←

➜Sotheby's Judaica specialist Sharon Liberman Mintz said the $38 million price tag, which includes the auction house's fee, "reflects the profound power, influence, and significance of the Hebrew Bible, which is an indispensable pillar of humanity."↴RBR15BM30ATL◆"I'm not going to lie to you, because, like, I love my coaches, I love the team, love my teammates — there wasn't any qualms with the athletic facility," he said.♠

◈"The Wall Street Journal had a big headline in 2018 that said, 'Banks To Get Kinder, Gentler Treatment Under Trump Regulators,'" Kelleher said. "The entire story was about how the Fed people in Washington were beating up on the supervisors to go easy on the bankers."↬


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