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1N6010B-TP◆“We got a two-for-one deal and served him the two complaints,” Moskowitz said.☣B82442H1122K♥The theory was once considered the fringe territory of white nationalists. But "thanks to Tucker Carlson, this kind of dreck that you would normally only see on far-right forums and online spaces had a prime-time audience on cable news every night," said Melissa Ryan of CARD Strategies, which tracks disinformation and extremism online.☆


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CGA4J1X7R1V475M125AC✄The indictment alleges that Trump falsified New York business records in order to conceal damaging information before the 2016 presidential election.☢5711☁The changes to how CDC collects and shares COVID-19 data "comes as no surprise at all but is further evidence that these investments were always temporary and not part of a long term strategy to be better public health data stewards," Beth Blauer, who helped run a highly respected COVID data tracker at Johns Hopkins, told NPR.↿


√On Saturday, he told NPR that he expects the state-level charges to be dismissed and that Davis will be transferred to federal custody.◤T410-800B-TR◐Last month, TikTok CEO Shou Chew testified before Congress last month and said thatTikTok does not promote or remove content at the request of Chinese authorities.➽FZT751TA큐"My initial reaction is exactly what yours was," Jochnowitz told NPR. "It was funny and humorous and mortifying. It's funny because it's pasta and not garbage; it's humorous because you could make a lot of jokes. ... and then I'm horrified because of course it is a potential contamination" for the nearby stream and river.×VJ0603D130MXCAP♐As part of the deal, approximately 16 billion francs ($17.3 billion) in higher-risk Credit Suisse bonds will be wiped out, leaving investors with hefty losses. That has triggered concern about the market for those bonds and for other banks that hold them.✙

☋One user on Twitter competitor Bluesky put it this way: "even though u knew it would turn out this way it is still amazing it turned out this way lol"♦MR441A330GAA×Outgoing President Mario Abdo Benítez called Peña "president-elect" in a congratulatory message on social media before a winner was officially declared. He also congratulated "the Paraguayan people for their large participation in this election day."«


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GSXF030A060S1-D3▩Payan told French media that more than 100 firefighters on site were searching for at least six people believed to have been trapped in the five-story residential building. "There is still hope" to find survivors, he said.☏VJ0603D300GLXAJ⇎Her name was Halo, and she was born last week, on March 29, two months early and weighing 3 pounds. She lived for four hours, dying in the arms of her father, Luis Villasana.♥

◄"This is not just about taking home documents, that is of course itself illegal. This is about the transmission ... of the documents," Garland said Friday. "There are very serious penalties associated with that."↰

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