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1808Y0630332FCT♐Opposition Conservative Party of Canada Pierre Poilievre had urged Twitter to label CBC. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau criticized Poilievre for what he called an "attack on a foundational Canadian institution."☽ELC-10E271L♢Wyden, D-Ore., in an April 24 letter requested Crow turn over tax information, and last week asked Crow to detail the Thomas gifts. Crow did not meet a May 8 deadline to turn over information, a committee aide said.☄


▫In late 2021, the phrase "Let's go, Brandon!" — based on a famously misheard crowd chant at a NASCAR race — quickly spread among conservative groups as a direct expletive toward Biden.☪BAS7005TC⇓The following year, he had a 24-8 season with a 1.82 earned run average and 301 strikeouts over 312 innings. He won the AL Cy Young and MVP Awards, becoming the fifth player in history to win both honors in the same year.▪CDR01BP330BJZPAT♐The Public Ministry of Arequipa's Fiscal District said investigators were working to clarify what happened. "During the investigation, the Prosecutor's Office will determine the cause of the tragic event and the responsibilities of those involved," its statement said.↧BZD27C15PHRQG❑The U.S. views the Chinese explanation of the balloon's purpose with "a fair amount of skepticism," and it is still trying to figure out what China's intent was.™

▦"We have seen them provide non-lethal support to Russia for use in Ukraine," Blinken said in an interview on "Face the Nation." "The concern that we have now is based on information we have that they're considering providing lethal support, and we've made very clear to them that that would cause a serious problem for us and in our relationship."↞7440680180◊Laux said Mickey vanished from the stage as soon as the dragon's head became engulfed in flames.➨

◄Sharif agrees.♨

↢The unions said it was the first strike at the university since 1987, when clerical, dining hall, technical and maintenance workers walked out after contract talks broke down.↵


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2225Y0250823KCT✿Who is she? Berna Anat is an author, podcast host, and self-titled "financial hype woman."►1825J2K00100GCT☋Still, Kreiden knew it was a good story — the epic return of a book that had been checked out nearly a century ago. So she called a reporter at the St. Helena Star, thinking it would be a fun mystery for readers.▒

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