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199D106X0016C2C1E3❈In Oregon, research by Aliza Kaplan, a defense attorney, found that since the U.S. Supreme Court ruled non-unanimous verdicts unconstitutional, close to 20% of petitions for appeal have come from Black inmates, even though African Americans make up less than 3% of the state's population.✲SQCB7M470KATME➯"In fact the treaty has been honored by both sides, even during the wars," according to Shekhar Gupta, the editor-in-chief of the Indian newspaper, The Print. Gupta spoke about the treaty on Cut The Clutter, a news show he hosts. "The treaty has stood the test of time, and the water has continued to flow as they [the rivers] were committed in the treaty," he says.◐

☼By recently making "verified" blue checks available for purchase, Musk has created a turbulent social media landscape, blurring the lines for users between what is real and what is fake on one of the most influential social networks.↣

➘The string of horse deaths was on the mind of some Derby-goers.➭


↔The finance leaders' talks laid the groundwork for a summit of G-7 leaders in Hiroshima next week that President Joe Biden is expected to attend despite a crisis over the U.S. debt ceiling that could result in a national default if it is not resolved in the coming weeks.☂SS8P3L-M3/86A↶The plaque still stands today as one of countless memorials, murals and references to the star that exist throughout Brazil and the world.۰SIA450DJ-T1-GE3♣After retiring, in addition to his public speaking, he became a nature photographer. He also sold several books of photos he had taken while flying the SR-71.❈C328C399BAG5TA⇚Those all passed easily, but the meeting, like the one the week before, was about more than just policy. People needed to speak.☆

☆HALEY:  I think- I think we need to stop the bleeding of the border and completely do immigration reform before we can think of taking anybody else into this country.▔S100J25U2JR65L7RX1유Take the words of another Republican representative caught on the tape, Scott Cepicky. "I've been called a racist, a misogynist, a white supremacist more in the last two months in my life, than I have in my entire life," he says.◤


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501H51W474KQ4♡The idea is, as people become more aware of how easy it is to fake audio and video, bad actors can weaponize that skepticism.◐1N4119UR⇣DeSantis on Monday said the agreement between Disney and previous supervisors was illegal, claiming it was self-dealing and proper advance notice wasn't given before the old board approved it. The governor also said that lawmakers had the authority to revoke it, and they would consider legislation to do so next week.✿

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